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How to Dress Your Home for Cooler Weather with Drapery Hardware and More

How to Dress Your Home for Cooler Weather with Drapery Hardware and More

Winter is nearly here, which means it is time to think about the annual winter prep. But, instead of following a go-to pre-winter routine that focusses on wardrobe updates and gifts for the festive season, take care of your home first. The chilly weather will mean more time indoors, so get the house ready to be the ultimate seasonal comfort zone. Here is our checklist filled with classic winter warmers and creative uses for drapery hardware to transform your interior into a cozy haven.






get ready for winter with drapery hardware in an entryway

source: Bolig Magasinet



First focus on your main point of contact; the entryway. You’ll have to create an area where it is acceptable to come in with wet boots and jackets. It is great to have a mudroom as a separate room, but ideally, your entryway should have a small mudroom function for guests and the unavoidable daily rush. Here is what you need to ensure your entryway is snow-safe.



  • Water-proof flooring

Wood, laminate or tile are great floor options, but if the entryway is carpeted, merely place an ice mat directly in the doorway.



  • Shoe Boxes

Have separate boxes or crates, one for snow boots and one for shoes (or slippers) that are welcome in the rest of the home. The shoe crates should be large enough to allow the shoes to air dry.



  • Heater

Install a heater to dry clothes and shoes quicker as well as giving a warm welcome to whoever is coming home.



  • Jacket Hooks

Install a hanging rail or wall hooks for jackets and coats. The alternative uses for drapery hardware include coat hooks that make the most beautiful home feature!




Shut Out the Cold


classic satin drapery curtains with drapery hardware for winter

source: Victoire Furniss



Use luxurious curtains to cover the house’s extremities. Choose an insulating material like velvet, one of the most popular fabrics of the year, to keep the cold out and warmth in. Insulated curtains tend to be heavy, so opt for wrought iron curtain rods with heavy duty curtain brackets or. If the curtains are too cumbersome to open and close, a traverse rod will fix the problem. Alternatively, choose a layered look with a lighter dress curtain and a heavier second layer on a double curtain rod.



You can also use curtains and drapery hardware to compartmentalize large sections in your home, create a cozy nook or make a canopy bed.




All Things Fluffy


drapery hardware and curtains helps to shut out the cold this winter

source: Aiken House & Gardens



Getting out fluffy textiles is often the easiest and most fun part of prepping for winter. But before you head to the store, first raid your cupboards. Many of these textural goodies may be dusty from months in the closet, so give them a proper cleaning and get ready for snuggling. Get more décor inspiration here and fill up your home with these fluffy necessities:



  • Throws

Mohair and alpaca wool is super soft and warm while being surprisingly light. If you don’t want to make your living room feel too full due to a blanket overdose, choose a few airy alternatives instead. These are also perfect to warm festive days like Christmas and NYE.



  • Blankets

Thick wool, faux-mink, reversible quilts, thermal and electric blankets. The great thing about thermal blankets, although not heat generating, is that they act as an insulator while keeping the chill out. Electric blankets now also come as a micro-fleece cover can warm the coldest night.  



  • Bedding

Make sure you’re stocked up on winter bedding and avoid cold-feet! Cotton jersey sheets are rather light while keeping you warm while wool or down comforters will make any guest sleep like a baby.



  • Carpets

Nothing feels as unwelcoming as a cold floor in the middle of the night. Avoid this with shaggy area rugs, large room mats or take the plunge and do a wall-to-wall carpet installation





Warm it Up


clad your home with the help of drapery hardware in a wood cabin with large windows

source: Architectural Digest



There is nothing quite like cozying up near a fireplace in winter. So, if you’re lucky enough to have one in your home, stock up on loads of responsibly sourced firewood. Contemporary gas fireplaces are just as beautiful while running at a fraction of the price, which makes them a great option for homes that are without a hearth.




Make it Bright and Colorful


prepare for winter with drapery hardware in a glamorous living room

source: Alison Giese Interiors



You’re home needn’t feel like it’s going through hibernation. Make your surroundings uplifting with lovely wintery patterns in bright colors. Jewel colors give an interior depth with their richness, while acid yellow and electric blue add a splash of life when it’s most needed.




Things to consider for a Winter Home


1.  Maintenance

Start with the exterior first. Fix anything that needs repairing before the cold sets in. Otherwise, it will be difficult to make any adjustments to the outside of your home.

 2.  Cabin Fever is Real

Luckily, reading nooks are much better in winter, and with your cozy fluffy editions, it’ll be the perfect relaxation spot. However, it’s best to have a game plan to avoid snow-rage. Getting active is the best remedy, but when going outside is not an option try these 12 ways to beat cabin fever.

 3.  Remember the Light

Natural light is essential but not in ample supply in winter, so make the most of sunny days with an outdoors adventure even if it is a 15-minute break from indoors. Also, assess indoor lighting and whether an additional lamp or two might be necessary. 

  4.  Layout

Rethink your layout. Since winter is the season of little activity, the home has to be as efficient and comfortable as possible.



We’d love to know what your winter game plan is. Share it in the comments below!


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