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Types of Curtain Rods That Continental Curves

Below is a general summary of the types of curtain rods we can custom curve for you. The types of curtain rods listed below can be custom bent or curved to fit almost any type of window configuration.


There is a lot more detail that goes into starting the process and our custom curved rods virtual designer is the best place to start. If you have additional questions after reviewing this page, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email. We’d love to hear from ya!


Round Wrought Iron Rods
round wrought iron curtain rod

These are hollow round wrought iron curtain rods and they come in the several different diameters and thus can accommodate a range of drapery weights and heights.


Solid Round Drapery Rod
solid round curtain rod

Solid curtain rods that can be curved or bent come only in a few sizes. Keep in mind that these are solid, not hollow, and tend to get very heavy.


Twist Hollow Curtain Rod
twist hollow curtain rod

Beautiful design, and limited sizes available. These curtain rods are of the twist variety and are hollow in their construction.


Rope Curtain Rod
rope curtain rod

One of our favorite curtain rods is the rope curtain rod! With the tighter twisted look than the standard twist rod, the details really stand out. You can really make great use of color in the finishes on this rope rod as the design displays contrast of color by allowing the finish to sit down in the grooves of the rope.


Round Hammered Rods
round hammered curtain rod

A beautiful round curtain rod that has a hammered texture.

Solid Round Hammered Rod
solid round hammered curtain rod

As with regular solid curtain rods, these solid round curtain rods come in only a few sizes and tend to get heavy. The hammering provides added texture and depth to an otherwise plain rod.


Twist Hammered Rod
twist hammered curtain rod

Wow, what a great combination! Twisted and hammered! This one is our favorite. Just like the standard twist iron rod it is hollow in construction.


Head over to the custom curved rods virtual designer to start putting together your perfect rod. Then you can do a little shimmy while we put together the perfect and incredible curtain rod set for you!


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