Custom Curtain Rods and Custom Drapery Rods Guidelines
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Specialty Custom Curtain Rods Guidelines

In addition to custom finished curtain rods, Continental Window Fashions offers a wide range of custom curtain rods.

Our custom specialty rods can be broken down into two categories: custom decorative straight traversing curtain rods (aka custom straight traversing) or custom curved, angled, arched, or bent decorative curtain rods (aka custom curved curtain rods.)

We've built an awesome virtual designer that will help you navigate through possible choices to request a quote. Visit our custom specialty curtain rod virtual designer now!


Shipping guidelines for custom specialty curtain rods

All our specialty curtain rods are made to your exact required specifications, and thus takes time to process and manufacture. This “lead time” varies by items and orders. The average production time (aka fabrication time) for our custom specialty rods is 20 – 25 business days.

If your requirements include intricate design and finish, the fabrication time could be longer. To gauge delivery dates, you need to add the transit time for shipping to your required destination.

We will communicate with you throughout the process, will do our best to give you a precise estimate range, but a lot of times, this is simply out of our control. So, we like to request our customers to account for custom order lead times in your delivery expectations.

For more information on custom orders returns and cancellation, please refer to our Returns Policy section on custom products for more information.