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Dress Up with Our 5 Favorite Dining Room Curtains

Dress Up with Our 5 Favorite Dining Room Curtains

In modern homes where we have to juggle many different schedules, it can be difficult to get the family around the dining table to enjoy their meals. The modern family is far removed from the traditional nuclear family, and our eating habits have also changed. Where once it was in vogue to be formally served, we are now eating on the run. So, getting everyone to sit down and have a meal together is a huge challenge. Whether you have a separate dining room or one as part of your open-plan living area, creating a welcoming room around your family’s lifestyle will encourage them to spend time together.




5 Basic Tips For Designing a Dining Room



1) Consider the Layout


There has to be enough space around the table to comfortably seat everyone and enough space behind the chairs for everyone to move around. Typically, you will need 48 inches around your table to accommodate both seated guests and people moving around behind them.



2) Create a Focal


A suspended light is the most commonly used focal point in a dining room. Make sure that the light is installed central to the table, rather than central to the room. The lowest point of the light should hang at least 12 inches above the surface of the table to not hinder seated guests. Choose a warm white globe and install a dimmer switch so that you can control the ambiance in the room.



3) Add Interest to the Walls


Red is the traditional color to use in the dining room as it is said to promote appetite. Whether you choose red or another color, both wallpaper and paint are great options. Add framed prints or paintings on the walls, or a large mirror to reflect light and visually increase the size of the room. The dining room is also the perfect place to hang a gallery wall of family photos.



4) Options Underfoot


A tile or cement floor are both practical choices for a dining room. If you would like a warmer atmosphere, place a large rug under the table. Ensure that the run is at least 24 inches wider than the table on all the sides to prevent chair legs from getting stuck on the edge of the rug. If you are concerned about your rug remaining clean, have a stain-resistant treatment applied to protect it.



5) Cohesive Design


Even if your dining room is separate from the rest of the rooms in your home, make sure that it ties in with adjacent rooms for a cohesive look. Whether it’s a wall color, floor finish or wood finish, the room should have something in common with its neighbor.




Now that you have all the basics of designing a dining room, we come to the finishing touch to your room: the curtains.


The options for curtains are endless, so we have chosen our five favorite dining room curtain styles.



1. Heavy Formal Drapes



source: Ostrich Furniture



Suitable to the formal dining room where large chandeliers, candles, and long dinners abound, these drapes radiate luxury and grandeur. Choose curtains in a heavy fabric like velvet or lined silk for maximum effect. Use them with thick wood poles made for heavier curtains, or cover them with an upholstered pelmet.




2. Swags and Tails


classic drapery in a traditional dining room with wrought iron chandelier

source: Grandeur Design



The ultimate in traditional window dressing, swags and tails were first during Victorian times. Even if you don’t live in a formidable manor house, install these curtains in your dining room to the look. Chintz, cotton, and linen blends in floral motifs or jacquard weaves all create beautiful swags. Ensure that you get the right to make your new swags look their best. To emphasize the curvy lines, have dress curtains that are held back with tiebacks, and have a separate lining that can be drawn closed without disturbing the look.




3. Simple Sheers


light linen curtains in a contemporary dining room

source: Renovate-mag



Especially where the view is an asset, floaty sheer curtains can create a Provencal dining room right here in the States. Install linen or cotton sheer curtains on a wrought iron rod with a pretty iron finial for a dining room that encourages long lazy lunches. Sheers also work perfectly where privacy is an issue – especially when your neighbor was not invited to your dinner party!




4. Dependable French Pleat


glamorous dining room with gold chandelier

source: Southern Home Magazine



French pleat curtains add a beautiful statement to a dining room, especially on larger windows. Suited to both formal and informal spaces, you can have pinch pleat curtains in virtually any fabric. The number of pleats will determine the fullness of the curtain, so you can choose the look that you want to create. Use this style of curtain with rose gold traverse curtain rods for a glamorous touch.




5. Minimalist Eyelet



source: Trend Decora



For a minimalist dining room, choose eyelet curtains on a stainless steel pole and simple finials. These curtains can be made in most fabrics, and the eyelet-design ensures that the folds of the curtain fall at regular intervals. Lined eyelet curtains are more durable than their unlined counterparts: the lining protects the fabric and reduces wear on the eyelets.




We’d love to know what the biggest challenge is that you’re facing with your dining room curtains. Tell us in the comments below, and we’ll see if we can help!



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