Cafe Curtain Rods
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Café rods are perfect for top window treatments, with adjustable widths! Cafe rods are designed not only to accent your window dressings, but also to provide support. Cafe rods are a simple and easy way to suspend window treatments and can be attached with a cafe curtain rod bracket. Cafe rods can be matched to the right brackets for an even more uniform look.

Cafe curtain rods are often used with special types of window dressing, and the size of the rod may be based on the size of the pocket available in the curtain. Cafe curtain rods are one of the most important fixtures to any design. Depending on the type of fabric that is being supported, different lengths and widths may be necessary.

Cafe curtain rods give the flexibility of being able to easily take window dressings down, in addition to being able to offset dressings against the wall. Cafe curtain rods must be paired with cafe curtain brackets. View our inventory of both cafe curtain rods and cafe curtain brackets to find a solid mix.

Cafe Curtain Rods

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