Decorative Curtain Rods
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When you want to create a stunning window treatment that makes a creative statement, decorative curtains are the way to go. Some curtains are perfect on their own while others look best combined with sheers and other panels, but they all deserve to take center stage in just the right room. While you're making decisions about the length, style, color and pattern of your curtains, don't forget to order the decorative curtain rods and drapery hardware that you need to complete the project.

We carry everything from brackets and group end stops to decorative rod ends and rods of various sizes for double and single applications. Feel free to mix and match pieces from our hardware collection, piecing together your decorative window arrangement.

Our collection of decorative curtain rods includes products from leading brand names known for providing quality and durability at reasonable prices. We stock double and single accessories that allow you to turn an ordinary window into a work of art with layered fabrics and small touches like decorative rod ends. Each element of your window design should contribute something to the overall creative vision. Working with decorative curtains and rods is even more fun when you realize the range of hardware available.

Decorative Curtain Rods

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