Custom Finished or Ready-Made Drapery Hardware?
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Custom Finished or Ready-Made Drapery Hardware?

Continental Window Fashions carries thousands of drapery hardware items on the site. Many of them are stock and will ship out in just a couple of days. We also have what we call "custom" or "finished to order" items (we will refer to them as “custom” going forward).

Custom drapery hardware components are not stocked, or ready to ship items. They are special order items that will require going through the finishing process to be completed.


One of the best examples of this would be our collection of LJB Drapery Hardware.


LJB Drapery Hardware


To give our customers the highest quality, this hardware is hand finished at the time the order is placed. This process takes about 20 – 25 business days of production time plus shipping transit time. 


Conversely, Kirsch Wood Trends offers several collections such as the Kirsch Wood Trends Classic, Kirsch Urban Comfort, Kirsch Renaissance, Kirsch 1 3/8 Inch Designer Metals and Kirsch Wrought Iron Collections, that are ready-made drapery hardware components available to ship within 2 – 3 business days.


Kirsch Drapery Hardware


The advantage of purchasing in-stock drapery hardware components is that you will get your drapery installation completed quicker.


In addition to Kirsch Drapery Hardware, we also carry other collections which offer in-stock and ready to ship components including specialty lines such as Paris Texas Drapery Hardware.


Paris Texas Quick Ship drapery hardware


The Paris Texas Drapery Hardware Quick Ship Program is a great option for the customer who is looking for more upscale drapery hardware products but wants them readily available.  A great way to get the ‘designer look’ without the long wait.


We have a whole section on our website dedicated to Quick Ship items if you desire your components to reach you quickly!


Another consideration would be how returns are handled for custom vs ready-made products. Please review our Returns Policy for this information.


If you are interested in a custom specialty curtain rod, please review our Custom Specialty Curtain Rod page for more information. We'd also suggest reviewing our custom straight traversing curtain rod or custom curved, angled, arched and bent curtain rod pages. We can't wait to get you one of these!


Whether you want to purchase readily available drapery hardware or prefer the long lead time in order to have a custom finished product, we have a collection that will match your needs.


Only you can determine which option works best for your design needs and aesthetics, however, if you can’t decide, give us a ring or send us an email and we will walk through the decision process with you!


CWF PRO TIP: Staining or painting a wood pole yourself requires a lot of time and patience; consider buying your goods already finished. It will save you time, and time is money!