How to Measure for Window Treatments
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How to Measure for Window Treatments

Window treatments are always stated in width by length form; the width measurement comes first, so a 54 by 108-inch panel would measure 54 inches wide by 108 inches long.


This holds true for valances and all other types of window treatments as well.


The width of the ready-made panels you choose depends on the width of your window and the span you wish to cover and the overall look you envision for your completed installation. For example, if your window is 100 inches wide, you could choose two 54 inch wide panels which would open from the center out to either side; this would be considered a standard fullness.  Or for a fuller effect, you could choose 60 inch or 72 inch wide panels.


The length is always measured from the top of the header or top stitching line of a rod pocket panel to the bottom of the panel (the header fabric above top stitching line of the rod pocket is not included in the length as it is for decoration purposes only.)

    drapery header fabric
    CWF PRO TIPS: Helpful tips for installation.
    • Use a metal tape measure, not cloth. Cloth will distort or stretch giving you incorrect numbers!
    • Remember to account for the drapery stackback in your measurements.


    drapery stack back