Rod Splice
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Curtain rod splices, connectors and screws are small pieces that can transform your window treatment design. Use curved splices and connectors to wrap your drapery smoothly around the corner of any room. Straight rod splices allow you to create longer curtain rods to cover your largest and most impressive windows. You may also use a rod splice when ordering curtain rods that are too long for shipment. Splice shorter curtain rods together for a near seamless rod that fits your window design project perfectly.

Continental Window Fashions is your one-stop shop for a variety of swivel brackets, swivel connectors and splices for metal and wood curtain rods. We also stock durable connector screws for rods of various sizes. Corner brackets and other drapery rod extension tools are often in stock, so check our inventory for the best solution to your current window design dilemma.

Select curtain rod splices, connectors and screws according to the size of your curtain rods. This is the best way to create a continuous rod that is durable enough to support your drapery.

Rod Splice

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