Our Custom Curved Rods Process (Angled, Arched, Bent)
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Our Custom Curved Rods Process (Angled, Arched, Bent)

How to start a custom curved rod order process?

The process begins by visiting our custom curved rod virtual designer and completing all the requisite steps. Once we receive your inputs, we will provide a pricing estimate in writing within 24 hours.

A template is required for fabrication once you proceed with your order. The lead time for custom curved rods, 20 – 25 business days, begins when the requisite template arrives at the factory, not when the order is placed. Please keep this distinction for custom curved rods in mind when setting your delivery expectations. Therefore, we always suggest forwarding your template to us as soon as possible. For more information, please refer to the shipping guidelines for custom specialty rods.


What is a custom curved rod template and how is it created?

The template creation process is quite simple and once you have submitted your order, we will walk you through the process in a detailed manner. A general estimate of how long it takes to create a template is about an hour from start to finish.


What is the Returns Policy for custom curved rods?

Since the custom curved rods are fabricated to fit your exact specifications, they are non-returnable. It is critical to double, triple check all of the submitted specifications in your template so no issues arise. There are exceptions for making changes. Please refer to our Returns Policy section on custom products for more information.