How to get Started on Drapery Hardware
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Getting Started on Drapery Hardware

Customers often ask us whether they should decide on their curtain rods or their drapery first.  It is the proverbial what comes first? The chicken or the egg? 


chicken or egg curtain


The truth is that it can be either one.  Yes, we know that is exactly what you wanted to hear...NOT!




Quite often, a customer finds his or her inspiration when they find the perfect fabric for a drapery to complete a room or the perfect drapery panels which inspire a new project! Other times, the customer will fall in love with a specific drapery hardware collection, or a unique finish or final, and that will inspire a complete window treatment renovation – which we love assisting with.


There are also times when both choices are made concurrently.


There is no right or wrong way. Whatever inspires your creativity is always the right choice! The ultimate focus should always be on congruence between your hardware and drapery choices. Our experts are here to help you along each step of the way. You should make us do the work as much as possible.


We want you spending most of your time marveling at the end product and basking in the sheer design brilliance glory!


beautiful living room drapery hardware