Getting Started on Dressing Your Windows
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Getting Started on Dressing Your Windows

Much like the process with drapery hardware, dressing your windows with draperies involves deciding on style and measuring.


tape measure


We sometimes will use “dressing your windows”, “window dressing” or “window treatments” interchangeably to mean dressing your windows with draperies or drapes, valances, etc.


The type of window dressing you choose depends not only on the overall aesthetic of the room design but also functionality. 


You may opt for decorative stationary panels to beautifully frame your window when privacy or light control is not an issue. 


stationary drapery panels


Or choose fully operational drapery which can add a touch of luxury as well as serve double duty with privacy issues and light control. 


fully operational drapery panels


So, it is important to assess your functional needs and add them to the checklist of must have regarding the design of your window dressing before making your final selection.


Style decisions for your drapes should also be congruent to the hardware choices you’ve made or will make if you’re deciding on your window treatments first. It is all connected regardless of what path you choose!