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Alternative Uses for Curtain Hardware That Will Rock Your World

Alternative Uses for Curtain Hardware That Will Rock Your World

We all know that curtain hardware can be used to hang curtains. But did you know that there is a whole bunch of other things that can be done with curtain rods, finials, brackets, and tiebacks?


Here are our favorite alternative uses for curtain hardware. We are certain that they’re going to rock your world!



1.     Comforting Compartments


Create a super romantic bedroom with a canopy bed – even if you don’t have a canopy! Create a frame to the same size as your bed using curtain rods and swivel brackets, and then suspend them from the ceiling with ceiling brackets. Hang curtains from the rods, or attached netting to the frame for a pretty and functional canopy.



open plan home divided by long curtains

source: Residence Magazine



This same idea can also be used to create a room divider between 2 rooms: perfect if you want to create privacy in the corner of a studio apartment or bachelor pad!




2.     Hanging Gallery Wall


printed maps hanging from a curtain rod against a blue wall

source: Designer Trapped


Traditionally, homes were fitted with picture rails from which to hang art and photos, but modern homes tend not to have this small but very useful detail. Install a thin curtain rod to mimic this convenience. 



A thin curtain rod fixed to a wall with wall brackets is the perfect tool for hanging cherished art and photos. You can easily replace the art pieces without worrying too much about spacing. Another advantage to using a rod is that you only have to install the brackets and make sure that it’s straight. No need to figure out the layout or struggle to get all the fixings for your gallery wall in the right spot! Remember to finish off the curtain rod with end caps.




3.     Hooked Walls


colorful curtain finials as wall hooks

source: Open Space



Pretty finials make excellent wall hooks in an entry hall for coats and bags, in a closet for scarves or belts, or as a fun feature wall for artwork or pot plants. Installing a finial is simple because it already has a screw fixing at the back. Simply drill a hole, insert a wall plug, and screw in the finial. Done! You can even use these sturdy finials to hang up mini shelving in a small space. 




4.     Bling Up Your Bathroom


transitional bathroom with gold fixtures and shower curtain rail

source: Décor Pad



While a standard shower curtain rail is perfectly fine, you can add some real elegance to your bathroom by using a ceiling mounted curtain rod for your shower curtain instead. Choose a metal curtain rod that complements the rest of the accessories in the room. Or why not try a double curtain rod with a shower curtain at the back and a pretty dress curtain in front? Curtain rods and brackets are also perfect to be used as towel rails. Try an alternative combination, like an acrylic rod with matching acrylic finials for a unique touch to your bathroom.




5.     Hovering Herbs


Herbs suspended by a tension rod in front of a window

source: Jillm



Create a clever suspended herb garden by installing curtain rods with elbow brackets over a window recess. Herbs love sunshine, and a hanging garden like this one will allow you to have several rows of potted plants that can all bask in the light. Use standard plastic pots with drainage holes underneath and place them inside pretty tin or terracotta pots that have been strung up. That way, you won’t have a dripping mess when you water your herbs. Make sure the rod is strong enough to carry the weight of the potted plants.




6.     Be Kitchen Clever


curtain rod and brackets for hanging kitchen utensils

source: Style At Home



Curtain rods can also be utilized in the kitchen to act as utensil rods. Fix them above the stove, the sink or underneath upper cabinets and use S-hooks or rings with clips to hang utensils from. You can even use curtain rods to create a suspended pot rack, or butcher’s rack, over a table or central island. This is perfect for the storage of larger pots and pans, especially if you have a beautiful collection to put on display. And to keep dishcloths and oven mitts within close reach of the action, install a short curtain rod on the side of a kitchen island.




7.     Inside Out


awning for barn made with curtain rod brackets

source: Unexpected Elegance



Create a beautiful and super practical DIY awning from standard curtain hardware to protect your furniture from the blazing sun. This is especially useful if you have a south-facing window that takes a lot of heat in the afternoon. Use a sun-resistant fabric and thread two curtain rods through pockets on the lower and upper edges of the fabric. Hook the top curtain rod unto two curtain brackets fitted above the window and use extra long curtain brackets to position the lower curtain rod, blocking direct sunlight while allowing for light and air flow.




Pro Tips On Choosing The Right Curtain Hardware For Your Alternative Project:


  • Always consider the end use: if the hardware is going to carry a lot of weight, make sure that you use brackets and rods that were designed for heavy use.
  • When using curtain rods and finials in kitchens and bathrooms, choose finishes that will be able to withstand moisture and heat.
  • Match your metal or wood curtain hardware finish to the other finishes you have in the room to ensure continuity.
  • Have fun with it! The options are endless, and with the right combination of hardware, we are certain that anything is possible!



Curtain hardware has many different uses, and we hope that this article has inspired you to try some of them at home. Do let us know if you’re using your curtain hardware in exciting and unique ways in the comments below!








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