Curtain Holdbacks and Curtain Tiebacks
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You can enhance the look and functionality of your drapes with curtain holdbacks. Curtain holders are specifically designed to hold your curtains out of the way. In this manner, curtain tiebacks allow you to open your curtains with far more ease.

Curtain holdbacks allow light to come into the room more easily. They also provide better access to the windows for opening, cleaning and more. Even though these practical considerations are important, it is worth remembering that curtain holders are also an aesthetic addition to any room. These curtain holdbacks and curtain tiebacks add an elegant finishing touch to any drapery hardware d├ęcor.

Peruse the selection carefully to find one that is the right shape and color. Options include unique embellishments, ornate carvings and much more. Other choices can be more streamlined and simpler for an understated or modern look. Whatever your design goals may be, you are sure to find the curtain holdbacks you want with our extensive selection today.

Curtain Holdbacks and Curtain Tiebacks

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