Spring Tension Curtain Rods
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Tension curtain rods are curtain rods that don't require screws to hold up. Rather, tension curtain rods are held in place by a pressured spring inside of the curtain rod. Compress the curtain rod and you can fit it into the area you wish to mount it in. It will be held up by the tension in the spring; it's a very easy rod to mount.

Spring tension curtain rods are made for lightweight curtains and are limited to the length that they can extend. Extra long spring tension rods (120 inches and above) are not offered because they aren't practical; it's difficult to install a tension rod of this size. For this size, look at our standard, fixed mount rods. Spring tension rods are ideal for applications in which rods cannot be permanently installed.

Spring tension rods place the draperies within the box of the window, depending on the desirability of this option. If you are looking for a spring tension rod, see the many different options of tension rods shown below! As with other rods, tension rods come with a number of different styles.

Spring Tension Curtain Rods

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