Adjustable Curtain Rod
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Stock up on quality adjustable or telescoping curtain rods that maximize flexibility for all window design projects. These curtain rods never require permanent installations and are easy to use on windows of all sizes. If you want to keep a few curtain rods on hand for quick access when a design job comes along, a telescoping rod offers the flexibility that you can't get from one-piece curtain rods. You can also use rod splices to extend some telescoping curtain rods as needed.

Continental Window Fashions stocks a variety of adjustable curtain rods with and without rings. From basic telescoping poles to adjustable rods with decorative finials and ends, our collection features adjustable curtain solutions for every window design. Our goal is to help you create head-turning windows that fit your personality while remaining functional and long lasting. We consider durability, quality and style when selecting products from leading brand names like Aria, Kirsch and Cassidy West.

Adjustable Curtain Rod

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Aria Telescoping Pole