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6 Fall Trends to Get Your Home Ready for Cooler Weather

6 Fall Trends to Get Your Home Ready for Cooler Weather

The change of seasons sees more than just fluctuating temperatures. Like the light and mood change this time of year, interior trends start to shifting from light and airy to deep and dramatic. This fall we’ll see many firm favorites: rooms clad in intense hues, oversized prints, artisan touches, and natural furnishing are all taking it to the next level.




1) Rich Jewel Colors

Fall Decor Trends with Emerald Curtains in Contemporary Dining Room


source: Veranda



Fall is an especially beautiful time when it comes to color. We see leaves changing from bright green to orange-gold before turning burgundy and ending its life cycle. Interiors for fall are also full of rich colors, with deep jewel tones like amber and ruby red.



Stay on trend with deep tones in upholstery fabrics and drapery, whether in plains or prints. Or choose a bold wallpaper in garnet or emerald. Pair dark colors with light floors and ceiling for a brighter look. Keep the focus on your color-rich interior with contemporary acrylic curtain rods, finials, and tiebacks.





  1. Brimar Tuxedo Acrylic Tieback Rosette
  2. ONA Drapery Hardware 1 5/8 Inch Acrylic Rod
  3. Acrylic Ball Finial




2) Lavish Prints


Living Room with Florals for Fall Decor

source: Designers Guild



Large-scale drama cannot be achieved without large-scale prints. We love everything floral and botanical at the moment, but these prints have just opened our hearts to the plethora of print possibilities! Prints can be anywhere and on anything, which leads us to believe that prints may be taking over the world of interiors. For those of you who’re not too print-crazy, get a beautiful floral picture printed on canvas or material and frame it for an original alternative. Hang oversized floral drapes from iron rings attached to iron curtain poles for dramatic effect.  



fall decor trends with oversized florals


  1. ONA Drapery 1 1/2 inch Wrought Iron Drapery Ring
  2. ONA Drapery 3/4 - 1 inch Wrought Iron Ball Finial




3) Dark Wood Tones


 Eclectic Dining Room with Wood Panels for Fall

source: Lonny



Whether stained or left in its natural state, wood is still a sought-after material in home décor. But where light wood was the favorite for the last few years, dark wood has now returned to take its place in trendy modern interiors. Incorporate dark woods in accessories, furniture or as paneling. This trend is gaining popularity, especially in transitional homes.



Complement dark wood with subdued artisanal wrought iron brackets, curtain rods, and end caps. Alternatively, choose hardware with a metallic sheen to add a touch of glamour. 





  1. Artigiani Scroll Bracket
  2. Artigiani 7/8 Hammered Solid Rod
  3. Artigiani Low Profile End Cap




4) Natural Fibres


Contemporary Bedroom with Natural Materials

source: The Every Mom



The focus is shifting past form and function to the very core of an item, which is its texture and natural fiber. Materials with clear textural depth like jute, seagrass, and wool are perfect for rugs and throws, while softer linen and cotton make the coziest bedding. Add contrast with steel fixtures or stick with a neutral aesthetic with white wood curtain rods, brackets, and finials.



fall decor natural decor trend with white wood curtain hardware


  1. Finial Company Resin Finial RF65
  2. Fluted Wood Pole
  3. Finial Company Decorative Bracket




5) Handmade Details


Artistic Bathroom with Curated Curtain haning from a Tension Rod

source: Emily Katz



Like many naturalistic trends, the handmade aesthetic is taking over interior design and is a favorite for this fall. The focus is on the perfect imperfections of these items. When looking for handmade items, always choose quality, authenticity, and craftsmanship. Items made with great skill tend to be on the pricier side, so spend wisely. Beautifully handwoven curtains are perfect for interiors where texture triumphs. Add artistic flair with a tension rod paired with strips of woven fabric for an eclectic look.





  1. Spring Tension Curtain Rod




6) Plush Metallic Accents


Fall Bedroom with Emerald and Dusty Pink Bedding and Metallic Finishes

source: Fargerike



Metallic accent in interiors are nothing new, but pairing them together creates a whole new look. This Fall, mix and match your metals without reservation! Copper, gold, and brass all live happily together, especially when used with rich color and textures like velvet and wool.



Add metallic curtain hardware to your interior to complement the rest of the metals. Use gold curtain hardware for a luxurious touch that is super trendy as well as beautiful.





  1. Vesta Castilian Ring
  2. Vesta Castilian Wall Bracket Madrid
  3. Vesta Castilian Rosette Valencia





  • Use trends to update the existing pieces in your home. Curtains, throws, and pillows are a great way to add a fresh new look to your home!
  • For bigger items like sofas and focal lighting, choose investment pieces and buy the best you can afford.
  • Remember that paint is a great way to update a room or even a piece of furniture.


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