Basic Drapery Hardware – A Perfectly Fine Choice
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Basic Drapery Hardware – A Perfectly Fine Choice

Drapery hardware does not always have to be decorative.  There are times when a simple or minimalist route is the perfect choice to make. And, in those cases, a non-decorative aka basic traverse rod is all that you may need.



kirsch basic traverse curtain rod


Kirsch, Graber and Forest Group all offer basic traversing telescoping rods.


Choosing to go basic doesn’t have to mean white only because the days of white-only traversing rods are long gone! Forest Group offers finish options of Black, Brown and Silver. The options of additional finishes are great when working with darker wall colors and fabrics.


All the basic traversing rods from any of these manufacturers come with all the necessary hardware required for installation, which also makes it easy!



CWF PRO TIPS: Lockseam rods = no fuss, no muss! 

lockseam curtain rod

  • When you want to go the simplest, most basic, Lockseam rods are a wonderful option.
  • They can be used with rod pocket panels and stand-alone valances.
  • They are available in an assorted selection of telescoping lengths as well as different projections.