How to Select Your Drapery Hardware
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How to Select Your Drapery Hardware

We understand that selecting the appropriate drapery hardware for your needs can seem daunting, so we have created an easy to follow guide to help you find the hardware that is perfect for you.


Let the fun begin!


Chicken or the egg aside, if you have decided upon a drapery style, keep the following pro tips in mind to decide what type of hardware best suits that drapery style:

  • Other types of hardware are designed to be used as decorative elements and displayed prominently. There are many different decorative curtain rods, finials, and rings to choose from.


Generally, traverse rods or decorative curtain rods with rings are best for window treatments you intend to open and close regularly (aka fully operational window treatments); decorative rods without rings or with clip rings are best for stationary window treatments


The first thing you will need to determine is whether you would like to use a fixed length rod or an adjustable rod

  • Fixed curtain rods can be trimmed to exact lengths and / or spliced (aka joined) to cover longer spans, offering a more custom designer look.
  • Adjustable rods offer the flexibility of adjustable lengths and are a good option for a customer who prefers easy mounting. There are two primary types of adjustable rods: Spring Tension and Telescoping curtain rods.