Curtains for Corner Windows: What Drapery Hardware Do You Need?
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Curtains for Corner Windows: What Drapery Hardware Do You Need?

It is possible to address specialty window configurations without going the fully custom route.


Curtains for corner windows, and Bay window configurations can often be addressed with readily available curtain rods and components.



Corner Windows


Corner windows


Swivel sockets are an ideal solution for any windows with up to a 90° angle including bay and corner windows.


If you prefer the corner to be free of fabric, you can also use two, one-way draw traverse curtain rods. Add width for full stack-back (at wall sides of glass).


You can also have fabric stacked in the corner by using two two-way draw curtain rods.


To mount, run one rod into the corner and butt the other rod into it.



CWF PRO TIP: Precise fitting for corner window rods with cut-to-measure rods 

  • Cut to measure curtain rods must be used if all panels are to be controlled with a single cord.



Bay Windows


Bay windows


Bay Windows are an exception to normal windows; with three or more windows on adjacent wall sections creating an angled bay while presenting the appearance of one single window.


Since all the windows are to be treated as a continuation, this poses a bit of challenge for finding the right hardware.


Bay window configurations can be addressed by using either three two-way draw curtain rods or one two-way draw curtain rod on the center window and a one-way draw curtain rod on each side window. You could also utilize wood curtain rods with swivel sockets or elbow connectors to make the bends.


When using traverse rods, please keep in mind that the minimum stock traverse rod length is 28 inches. If your windows are smaller, we suggest cut to measure curtain rods as a great option and butting all three rods at the bends.



CWF PRO TIPS: Curved window hardware choices.

Before purchasing your curved window hardware, take into consideration how you are going to hang your draperies from the rod, as some options (listed below) will not be able to pass over brackets for continuous movement
  • Draperies using Rings
  • Rod Pocket Drapery Panels
  • Tab Top Panels
  • Panels with Grommets

    We do have decorative tracks such as Forest Group’s Dresden, minimally decorative tracks such as Forest Group’s Deventer and non-decorative tracks Kirsch’s Architrac, which can be curved to fit your window!
    • These allow all gliders or carriers unfettered access across the entire track.
    • This is because all brackets attach to the rod from the top as opposed to the more traditional bracket that is u-shaped or closed and attaches from underneath the track or rod.
    • However, these types of tracks are NOT suited for Rod Pocket Panels, Tab Top Panels, or Panels with Grommets.
    • These tracks are only suited for drapery panels installed using drapery pins or hooks or for ripplefold drapery panels.


    As with curtains for corner windows, where precise fit and appearance are important, the best results will be obtained by using cut-to-measure rod sets. Note: Cut to measure curtain rods must be used if all panels are to be controlled with a single cord.


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