Supplier Spotlight: Craft meets design in the studio of the Helser Brothers by Continental Window Fashions
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Supplier Spotlight: Craft meets design in the studio of the Helser Brothers

Supplier Spotlight: Craft meets design in the studio of the Helser Brothers

In this months’ Essential Partners Feature, we are super excited to introduce you to the high-spirited Helser Brothers. We met brothers Jay and Mark to find out more about the driving force behind the powerhouse in the drapery hardware business, Helser Brothers Inc. Read on to find out how customizing off-road cars and interior curtain hardware design proved the perfect fit for the Helser Brothers.




History of the brand


Jay and Mark Helser from Helser Brothers Curtain Hardware


Determination and impeccable work ethic have shaped the lives of the two brothers from an early age. In adolescence, the two brothers were enthusiastic entrepreneurs who dreamt of starting a business together. Little did Mark and Jay know that their childhood dream would be realized years later.



As an industrious young boy of seven, Mark started to develop his mechanical ability by creating an alarm system for his room, complete with a doorbell! At ten he was making customized bicycles for the kids in the neighborhood, where he found his passion for mechanical design. Mark bought and customized his first car at fifteen, and by eighteen he was being featured in custom car magazines for his creative and practical designs. Mark worked full time while studying, to create quality off-road race cars complete with metal roll cages. Here he honed the metalworking skill that would soon prove essential to Brother Helser Inc.



living room with modern art gold finishes and detailed curtain finials by helser brothers



Meanwhile, Jay was gaining experience in the curtain hardware industry as an installer’s assistant. He gained precious knowledge and insight that would lead to the creation of their company. Jay became known in this field and had a “reputation for really knowing his stuff in the drapery hardware industry.” He was an expert problem-solver and would often get called in on difficult installations due to his creative approach. He soon noticed that there was a need for high-quality ironware and professional suppliers. Jay realized that there was an opportunity to create something worthwhile, a challenge that he and brother Mark would whole-heartedly accept.



elegant dining room with wood floor formal seating and wrought iron finishes



The two brothers grabbed the chance and joined forces to create Helser Brothers Inc. where they pride themselves on “over-the-top” customer service and exquisite manufacturing expertise. Helser Brothers Inc. quickly grew into one of the leaders in the curtain hardware industry. The Helser Brothers’ dedication to delivering high-end products to their clients is internationally known and sets them apart from competitors.



Helser Brothers Inc. has grown to include a motivated team of associates that are committed to creating innovative drapery hardware for the discerning client. Together they envision delivering faultless metal working at competitive prices.



traditional bedroom with black curtain rod and floral curtains






Helser Brothers Artefice is the minimalist’s dream. The Artefice Collection is made to echo natural elements through the treasured art of blacksmithing. Finished pieces are buffed and clear coated to enhance and exhibit the aesthetic of the forge, resulting in unique iron pieces with striking detail.



large wrought iron curtain bracket base



Here you’ll find exquisite detail and clarity in theme and design. The Artefice range consists of brackets and tabs, rings and wands, curtain rods and finials that come in square cut and round cut to suit the specific interior. These restrained iron statement pieces are a must for a contemporary industrial interior.






Artigiani is the Helser Brothers’ artisan wrought iron collection, which is known for its exceptional quality and expansive variety. Because of their large assortment of beautiful pieces, Helser Brothers Inc. can cater to any design dream.



bright yellow walls in a country style dining room with intricate curtain rod and finial detail



The Artigiani range has everything you might need in drapery hardware; from finials like the Artigiani 3 Inch Cannonball and the Artigiani Chrysanthemum to curtain rods like the Twisted Iron Rope and the Hammered Solid Rope. Choose from traditional or modern pieces to suit your interior; from elegant scroll designed hardware to cannonball inspired items. Artigiani has it all!




Which style is perfect for you, ornate wrought iron or minimalistic natural iron with unique forge markings? Tells us what you think of Helser Brother Drapery Hardware in the comment box below - we’d love to hear from you!



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