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Helser Brothers Drapery Hardware first stepped into the drapery hardware business in the mid-eighties as an installer's helper. For the next nine years, they installed draperies independently for design firms and drapery workrooms in the Phoenix, Arizona area. One day, after making their third trip to a local blacksmith to solve the same problem, it hit them, if this is how suppliers in this industry behave, we could just smoke them. That day, the Helser brothers discovered how their unique talents would fit together like puzzle pieces to create the perfect business that they had been seeking. We quickly realized that building drapery rods and hardware is pretty much cake after that kind of experience. The two Helser brothers combined their expertise to manufacture custom drapery hardware, the Helser Way! Both recognized the critical role in which strong manufacturing processes, precision metal working, tight tolerances, and extremely high quality when combined with over-the-top customer service would play. Several key factors play a role in the continued success of Helser Brothers Drapery Hardware. Competitive and simple pricing, guaranteed quick turn-around time, original custom designs, and a six-point check and balance system to ensure clients get exactly what they order each and every time.

Helser Brothers Drapery Hardware

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