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5 Spring Window Fashion Ideas to Welcome the Sunshine

5 Spring Window Fashion Ideas to Welcome the Sunshine

Spring always brings with it an air of optimism, a feeling that life is good again after the dreary winter and that everything is going to be all right. And while a good spring cleaning helps to clear out your home, nothing welcomes the new season better than throwing open your windows and inviting the sunshine inside.



Give your windows a refresh this season with these five spring window fashion ideas that say: "Hello, Sunshine!"




#1: Soft and Flowy Sheers


summery bedroom with woven chair wooden floors and grey curtains

source: Homes To Love



Create a dreamily romantic setting with soft, flowy sheers that gently billows in the breeze. Even if you live in the city, it will make you feel like you're taking time off in the Mediterranean. Choose unlined drapes in loosely woven linen or cotton to achieve this romantic look. Curtains with tie-tops work best, or even rod pocket lengths. Use unpretentious wood or bamboo curtain rods with simple ball or cone finials to complete the picture. A fluted wooden curtain rod will add some texture without being overpowering. 




 #2: Oversized Florals


baroque inspired bohemian living room with oversized floral curtains

source: Designers Guild



Nothing rings in the spring like florals, and this year, oversized is the way to go. Even traditional English and Victorian-inspired floral patterns are now getting bigger and bolder. Always consider scale when you choose the style of your curtain: a small apartment window will do better with a flat panel curtain in a large design than a pleated one, where the pattern will get lost. Let your curtain steal the show by hanging them from a that extends over the sides of the window by at least 1 foot. That way, you won't lose the effect, even when the curtains are open. If large florals are a bit intimidating, you can still embrace florals by adding decorative floral finials to your curtain rods.




#3: Cafe Curtains


kitchen with marble counter top and spring cafe curtains

source: Sherry H Designs



Don't forget to give your kitchen a quick update this spring. Gone are the days of frilly fruit-filled cafe curtains adorning a kitchen window. Choose a light and airy fabric panel that hangs from a tension rod in the window recess, or a cafe rod fixed to the window frame or wall above. 




#4: Go For Gold


pink curtains in a light opulent living room

source: Shophouse Design



Create a luxurious and sophisticated window with gold curtain hardware. This look works particularly well in a room furnished with soft pastel colors like blush, aqua, and shades of white. Complement your new spring window fashions with touches of gold throughout the room, like in the side tables, ornaments, lighting, and holdbacks




#5: Blackout Lining


blackout curtains in a scandinavian bedroom

source: Inredningshjälpen



While it's important to invite the sunshine in, is just as important to get some well-deserved rest. Not so much a trend as a necessity, blackout lining helps to keep your room dark even when the sun is out. This is especially useful as the days are getting longer. The advantage of blackout lining is that it can go behind any curtain, as long as you have a double curtain rod. The dress curtain in front can be for show only, meaning they don't even have to be able to close. 




Pro Tips For Choosing The Right Spring Window Fashions: 


  • Always consider your needs first: do you require more privacy? Do you want to block out light from the rising sun? Or do you want to soften the noise from a nearby road or railway line? Get some more useful tips in our Dressing Your Windows section.
  • Buy the best that you can afford. Curtains and curtain hardware is something that you don't want to replace too often, so buy excellent quality to ensure your curtains will stay up for many years. 
  • Consider the rest of the finishes in the room when choosing your curtain hardware. Match it to metal, wood or other finishes that you already have to ensure a cohesive look.




We’d love to know what spring changes you’re going to make in your home – please share it with us in the comments below!



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