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How to Choose the Right Curtain Hardware Finish

How to Choose the Right Curtain Hardware Finish


The room is ready, and the curtains have been made. All that’s left to do is to install the curtain hardware, and it will be done. But when you start looking for the perfect curtain rod, finials and tiebacks to complement your room, you realize that the finishing choices are absolutely, overwhelmingly, endless! There are hundreds of options when it comes to curtain hardware, so how should you go about choosing what’s right for you? Here’s a quick guide to choosing the right curtain hardware finish, because we know that it can be a difficult decision.




1.   Let’s first look at the style of the room


industrial country style living room with long beige curtains

source: Wade Design



The design of your room will dictate which curtain hardware finish options are suitable. A country-style bedroom will work with brass or white wooden hardware while dark wood or wrought iron will complement ranch-style décor. And chrome or acrylic finishes are more likely to work with a modern or minimalist-style interior. But mind the drapes too: silky or satin drapes work with wrought iron or wood, while rough linen curtains are more suited to wood or bamboo than to chrome or nickel finishes. Take your cue from your décor style, as well as your chosen drapery to find the best curtain hardware fit.




2.   Match the other finishes in the room

 black and white scandinavian interior with matched curtain finishes

source: Looks Like White



You will already have other metallic and wooden items in the room. Match your curtain hardware to the legs on the furniture or the other wood finishes in the room. If there is prominent lighting or feature piece, go with a similar finish. Echo the finish of the fixtures and furniture, and you’ll be certain that the curtain hardware won’t look out of place.




3.   What to do when there are multiple finishes?


elegant eclectic living room with multiple finishes

source: Elle Decor



A lot of people will be faced with this challenge because most of us will have a combination of finishes: a variety of metal finishes in lighting and decorative items, wooden finishes in furniture and accessories, as well as painted finishes in different colors. As a general rule of thumb, try to keep it simple and go with whatever finish is most prominent to create a cohesive look.




Here are a few suggestions on which finish suits which interior style:



Gold, rose gold, brass, bronze, and copper


living room with green walls and golden curtain rods

source: Apartment Therapy



Metallic finishes are perfect for formal rooms to best show off your impressive swags. Rose gold and brass make for an opulent traditional finish. Metallic finishes are also perfect for an eclectic or bohemian interior and add an elegant artistic touch to informal interiors.




Painted wood


white washed curtain hardware with white curtain

source: Maison de Pax



Softer tones of white, ivory or pastel colors complement cottage or country interiors. Painted wood finishes also work really well for kids’ rooms and monochromatic interiors. Or choose brightly colored curtain hardware as a prominent feature in the space, like a fire-engine red curtain rail in a baby-blue toddler’s room.




Wrought Iron


traditional interior with wrought iron curtain finishes and chandelier

source: Traditional Home



Wrought iron is a classic choice when it comes to a traditional interior. However, the masculine design of wrought iron is perfect for the outdoorsy theme of a ranch-style home. The craftsmanship of wrought iron finials and fittings can also be showcased in an industrial-style home.




Chrome, Nickel, and Silver


modern living room with dark walls wooden floors and chrome curtain finishes

source: Apartment Therapy



Chrome, nickel, and silver are prominent finishes that call for a sophisticated interior. A luxury chrome finish with simple edges, like a cylindrical finial, will suit a streamlined, minimalist home. A nickel or silver finish with an elegant finial will fit a refined modern or transitional style.






eclectic room with gold sun mirrors green curtains and acrylic curtain rod

source: Hunted Interior



Acrylic is a both modern and transitional, with a unique aesthetic. This is the perfect finish for a daring interior with personality. Acrylic drapery hardware is transparent but can be paired with metallic finishes, like brass rings, to add a hint of opulence to a modern interior.






bamboo finish curtain finialsource: Continental Window Fashions



Bamboo finishes are growing in popularity, with good reason;  the earthy aesthetic of bamboo adds visual calm to an interior. Bamboo designs are perfect for a home with earthy tones and nature-inspired furniture. Bamboo finishes can also complement the quirkiness of a bohemian home.




We hope that you have found value in our breakdown of curtain hardware finishes. Leave a comment and let us know how you found your home’s perfect finish!




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