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Discount drapery traverse curtain rods from Graber are considered to be the highest quality basic white heavy duty traverse curtain rods in the industry. Some of the great features of the Graber traverse drapery rods are that they include universal front loading end brackets, metal adjustable and reversible master carriers, ball bearing end pulleys and each rod can convert to one-way draw. Each traverse rod comes packed complete with brackets, screws and cord drops so installation is a snap. Some of the traverse curtain rods listed on this page are oversized and will have a 1 time shipping surcharge added to the amount of the traverse drapery rod(s). There is only one charge no matter how many over sized traverse rods you order.
Materials: Metal
Size(s): Varies by product.
Availability: Graber basic adjusting traverse curtain rods, if in stock, typically ship in 1 - 2 business days.
Returns: Graber basic adjusting traverse curtain rods are returnable.
Add a motor to any of these adjusting traverse curtain rods on this page for just $89.99 to have motorized drapery rods!

Graber Basic Traverse Curtain Rods

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