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Special Windows Deserve Special Window Treatments - Graber Kits

Special Windows Deserve Special Window Treatments - Graber Kits

Unusually shaped windows are a feature of many historic architectural styles and they often find their way into newer construction as well. Arched windows, eyebrow windows, round, oval or octagonal windows combine decorative interest with function, bringing more light into a space or highlighting an unusually tall room or angled walls.

 oval window with fitted curtain and specialty window hardware

source: Elizabeth Dinkel Design

Sometimes, the best treatment for these windows is none at all, which allows their unique shape and classic millwork to shine. However, there are situations where you’ll want some sort of window treatment:

  • For privacy
  • To block bright sunlight, which may damage fabrics and furniture
  • To camouflage an unappealing view
  • To hide unattractive casings, while still keeping the shape of the window
  • To complement the design aesthetic

Luckily, Graber makes a specialty widow hardware kit for exactly this purpose. Graber has been designing and manufacturing window treatments and curtain hardware since 1939, so it’s not surprising that the company has created this innovative hardware kit. It includes clear plastic flexible rodding; clear mounting clips; rod splice; plastic straps; mounting brackets; and strap fasteners. The kit comes in two sizes, one that fits a measurement up to 46” in length and one for measurements up to 92” in length. For the intrepid do-it-yourselfer, it even includes a measuring and sewing guide.

The rods bend to fit the shape of the window and are secured to the window frame with mounting clips and fasteners. Depending in the window shape, you can create a variety of fabric treatments. For example, a sunburst treatment suits an eyebrow or arched window, while a round, oval or octagon window can be dressed up with a shirred style and center rosette.

 specialty window shapes including octagon, port hole, oval

Once you’ve decided to use a fabric window treatment, you’ll need the window measurements to select rodding. Unlike straightforward rectangular or square window, measuring is a little more detailed, but our step-by-step guide demystifies the process and ensures that you cut the rodding to exactly the right size.


For arched and eyebrow windows:

Note: this gives you the measurements you’ll need for rodding and fabric.

  1. Measure the width of the base of the window and mark the center point.
  2. Measure the ray, or the longest point from the center to the inside of your window frame.
  3. Measure the distance around the perimeter of the window.
  4. A quick rule of thumb: the rod length will equal approximately the base width+ray+10%. Example:

(Base measurement) 60 inch + (Ray) 36 inch =96 inch x 10%=105 inch

 how to measure for an arched or eyebrow window

Oval, round and octagon windows:

  1. Measure around the inside of the window frame with a tape measure.
  2. Once you have this measurement, subtract 1/4 inch from the total to get your rod length.

 how to measure for an oval or round window



The fabric measurements are a bit more complex and best left to your curtain workroom or fabricator. But if you plan to make the window treatment yourself, Graber includes a detailed cutting and sewing guide.


Whether you’re working with classic eyebrow windows, ultra-modern round windows, or any variation in between, a fabric treatment may be the perfect finishing touch.  

The Graber specialty kit adapts to your needs and fulfills your design vision.

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