Get your home ready for Christmas with these Curtain Rod Bracket ideas by Continental Window Fashions
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Get your home ready for Christmas with these Curtain Rod Bracket ideas

Get your home ready for Christmas with these Curtain Rod Bracket ideas


The holiday season is here! And lucky for us, the celebrations are not limited to one or two days, but the festive spirit lingers on even after December. So, get your home into a little joyful folly with trusted favorites and a few clever Christmas alternatives that include a curtain rod bracket or two. We’ve put together a checklist of what you need to create a happy holiday home.




First, know where to spend your money and where to save


farmhouse Scandinavian Christmas tree with natural curtain bracket ideas

source: Dreamy Whites



The holidays can get wildly expensive in mere seconds. So, make a list of what you need and double check what you have. And above all, try natural alternatives. If you can decorate with nature, then do! Decoration can cost next to nothing if you stick to natural options. Ask these questions before you buy décor this Christmas:


  1. Is it plastic?
  2. If it’s plastic, can I get a non-plastic or natural alternative?
  3. Will I use the next Christmas?
  4. Do I have enough storage space to keep the item till next Christmas?


If you’ve answered “yes” to question 2 then get the alternative and do your bit to help the planet this Christmas.

If you’ve answered “no” to questions 3 or 4, then simply don’t buy the item.




Here is Our Christmas Checklist:



1) Color

 paper stars as alternative Christmas decor and curtain rod bracket ideas

source: Mike Garten



Christmas can get a little color-crazy as bright green, red, silver and gold flood the festive scene. However, your home doesn’t have to look like a Christmas circus. Pick your main festive color and a complimentary one to create an elegant space. Neutral, silver or gold Christmas decorations are ideal in a colorful home because it will stand out from the rest of the interior. Employ your curtain hardware as part of the festivities with some metallic rods and fancy finials. Pops of bright red or green on the other hand are enough to give a neutral home a festive look.




2) A Tree


 natural Christmas decor with minimalist curtain brackets

source: Elle Decor



Each year the Christmas tree gets reinvented or updated, but the best type of tree is one that is still living. But if you can’t fit a potted Christmas tree in your home, then make sure it’s ethically grown and sourced.



A tree doesn’t have to be big, and you can even suspend a tree from the ceiling with curtain rod brackets. The options are endless, and a quick browse on Pinterest will give you a lifetime’s worth of tree-inspiration.




3) Tree Ornaments


 white interior with green Christmas tree and metallic curtain rod brackets

source: Janis Nicolay



Tree decoration is where you can go wild. The best part is you can get the kids involved to help craft stunning DIY Tree decor. Small turned finials make beautiful tree decorations and can be personalized with glitter, paint, and sequence.



Or, embrace the Scandinavian trend and keep the tree natural with a few finials in unfinished wood.




4) Bunting/Garlands


 garlands hung over curtain rod brackets in the kitchen for Christmas

source: Erin Kunkel



Garlands, bunting and Christmas lights can add so much magic to a festive interior. Use the window frame and curtain railings to hang garlands, wreaths, messages, and even snacks. Add rustic charm by replacing curtains with pine branches and garlands.



Wind long pieces over a curtain rod or drape them along a wall with curtain rod brackets, and hang shorter pieces from curtain rings. There are many alternative uses for curtain hardware that make life easier.




5) The Table


 simplistic and glamorous Christmas table setting curtain bracket ideas

source: Ngoc Minh Ngo



Before the actual meal, you can make the dining room look special as a build up to precious family time. Place a few candles, flowers and little décor bits on the table (a cookie jar is welcome too!).



When the time comes to setting the table for the Christmas feast, start with the placemats or charger plates; they will act as a guide to how big the centerpiece may be. Consider adding nametags as a special touch that also helps limit table chaos. Star-like bunting and Christmas lights are the perfect alternative for a clutter-free table.




6) Fragrant Festivities


 Christmas decor with curtain rod brackets

source: City Farmhouse



Create the ultimate holiday home with spicy, comforting flavors. A bucketload of cookies might just help achieve the lovely smell, or you can make a scent. Cinnamon, aniseed, oranges, cloves, nettle, and ginger are great Christmas fragrances to use in a room spray or when buying scented candles. Placing these spices on a tray in a warm oven will also help to release their beautiful scent into your home.




7) Lights


Christmas decor and curtain rod bracket ideas to match in white interior

source: Adventures in Decorating



We love the look of fairy lights in the window or suspended above a bed or table, and even more so in December. And for those who don’t like decorating, hanging strings of lights is the perfect solution!



We’d love to hear how you are sprucing up your home this festive season. Let us know in the comments below!


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