24 Fantastic Finials to Complement any Décor Style by Continental Window Fashions
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24 Fantastic Finials to Complement any Décor Style

24 Fantastic Finials to Complement any Décor Style

Curtain finials are like cabinet hardware: they’re small but can make a big impact. But the seemingly infinite finial options on the market make choosing finials fit for your home a daunting task. That is why we’ve put together a list of our favorite finials to help you match a set to your décor.



Here are our top 24 finials to complement your décor style:




1.    Country and Cottage


cottage style living room with patterned curtains and iron finishes

source: William Pitt



This type of interior lends itself to simpler details, natural wood and painted finishes. Choose uncomplicated finial designs with neutral tones that will enhance, rather than detract from the cozy natural aesthetic of the style. Finials perfect for country and cottage styles are rounded with minimal decorative elements. Matte white finials are ideal for a nautical themed cottage, while finials with a glossy finish add formality to the interior. Painted and unfinished wood finials traditionally go with a country or cottage home, but the brushed metal finish of an Aria Square Finial can enhance a cozy style by adding uncomplicated sophistication.


Finials for Country and Cottage interiors

  1. Yakima Wooden Finial
  2. Finial Company Wood Finial WW91
  3. Tudor Finial




2.    French and Flamboyant


flamboyant french dining area with gold curtains and chandelier

source: Architectural Digest



The finer details are what a French-style interior is made of. Intricately designed furnishings add to the exuberant flamboyance of the style and so should finials. Dark wood finials with delicate floral designs are perfect for a subdued, but elegant interior. If you want to add a masculine touch to a feminine French interior, then an intricately ribbed natural wood finial is the ideal solution.

Then there is gold; round gold finials with a floral motif are interior indulgence at its most beautiful, but a simple gold ball finial can still inject the necessary, but subdued, splendor.  Or, mix up your style with a dramatic French Indochina-inspired finial from the Vesta Hunley Collection.


Finials for French and Flamboyant Interiors

  1. Finial Company Wood Finial 3W110
  2. Kirsch Cheyenne Finial
  3. Vesta Hunley Collection White Finial




3.    Modern and Minimalist


modern minimalist kitchen area with wood flooring and black curtains

source: Apartment Therapy



Understated and unadorned finials, where simple lines are king are what you’ll be looking for with this style. Choose plain finials in polished metallic finishes or simple silver end caps or flat iron end caps for the ultimate in understated elegance. Black block finials with slanted lines embody an iconic minimalist Bauhaus style. Add glamour to a minimalist style with silver bullet finials or with the zenith of minimalist finials, the Iron Spear.


Finials for Modern and minimalist Interiors


  1. Vesta GeoLux Collection 1 1/8 Inch End Cap
  2. Iron Flat End Cap
  3. LJB Iron Spear Finial




4.    Industrial and Loft


industrial loft style living and study area with iron finishes

source: TCKT



Wrought iron and stainless steel are perfectly suited to industrial designs. Finials with strong lines and solid forms, like a beveled brick design, complement the rawness of an industrial interior. Flat black end caps or matte black round finials are perfect for emphasizing the unfinished feel that is characteristic of the style. Simple wrought iron bird cage finials can soften the space without looking out of place.


Finials for Loft and Industrial Interiors


  1.  Iron Art By Orion 321 Decorative End Cap
  2. Kirsch Wrought Iron Beveled Brick Finial
  3. Aria Trumpet Finial




5.    Boho and Eclectic


eclectic living room with green chandelier and opulent curtain finishes

source: Decorist



Definitely the most unrestricted interior styles, you can use almost any design with Boho and eclectic interiors. Whether you choose simple or elaborate designs that match your décor, anything goes here. From fleur-de-lis wrought iron finials to experimental glass bulbs, bird cages, arty Joan of Arc finials, simple iron finials and much more - the choices are endless! This might feel overwhelming now that you have free reign, so let your personal style and pro tips below be your guide!

 Finials for Loft and Industrial Interiors


  1. Finial Company Glass Finial with Resin Base GB1
  2. Paris Texas Hardware 1 ⅜ Inch Portfolio Joan of Arc Finial
  3. IF-19036-L Iron Finial






  • Consider the finish of the curtain rod when you choose the finials. While it is not absolutely necessary that the curtain rod and finials match, like when using crystal finials, it is most often similar finishes that will work best.


  • Scale is important when choosing finials. Choose something that will complement the diameter of the curtain rod. As a general rule, the diameter of the finial should be the same or greater than that of the curtain rod.


  • Keep your curtain fabric design in mind when choosing finials. If you have a very busy fabric, you can either choose finials that mimic the pattern – like a floral design – or something that is much less overpowering, like a flat end cap to avoid the sense of overcrowding decor.



We hope that you feel a little more prepared and inspired to take on the delicate task that is finial shopping. If this guide helped you to decide on a finial, let us know! We would love to hear from you, so please send us your thoughts in the comment box below!


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