Add-A-Motor Motor for Curtain Rods - motorize curtains and blinds!
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Add-A-Motor Motor for Curtain Rods - motorize curtains and blinds!

Product Description
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This is a wall mount motor made to fit existing curtain rods or vertical blinds. Very easy to install! Simply remove your pulley from you curtain rod or vertical blind and loop the cord through the motor. Plug it in to a outlet that is operated by a wall switch and it is ready to use.

Did you know this motor can be operated automatically on a timer schedule. It is very simple, just plug it into your own lamp timer switch and it will open and close based on the times you have set. This is one of the most popular features because it adds convenience and home security when traveling.

This motor is able to traverse up to 35 pounds of draperies

Again please read limits below
1. Maximum fabric weight 35 pounds.
2. Drapery track with "sliding-carriers": 8-feet one-way or 12-feet center open.
3. Drapery track with "roller-carriers": 10-feet one-way or 15-feet center open.

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