Kirsch Crystal Clear Flexible Arch Rod
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Kirsch Crystal Clear Flexible Arch Rod

Product Description
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This curtain rod has flexible tubing making it perfect for arch, eyebrow, bay or other odd shaped windows. Will allow your windows to have a clean, sophisticated look for a fraction of the cost. One of our highest selling products - it is one of the most recommended for shaped windows.  Recommended for Lightweight to Medium Weight drapery only.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Flexible Plastic.
  • Package Qty: Crystal Clear Flexible Arch Rods are sold as each and come packed with all the hardware necessary to install.
  • Size: Available in 28-48 inches and 48-86 inches. Clearance is 3/4" inches. The 28 - 48 inch rod comes with five (5) mounting brackets.  The 48 - 84 inch rod comes with seven (7) mounting brackets and one (1) splice.
  • Availability: All Kirsch Sash and Lock Seam curtain rods and accessories are in stock and typically ship in 1 - 2 business days
  • Product Family: Kirsch LockSeam Curtain Rods and Components
  • Returns/Exchanges: Unopened Kirsch Sash and Lock Seam curtain rods and accessories are returnable within thirty (30) days of purchase, re-stocking fees applicable.
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