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Vesta's Hunley collection showcases hand-sculpted and hand-finished traditional finial designs by one of the United States' most accomplished artisans. Mix and match available finishes to create rich combinations and a lavish palette of colors for use in your room design. Each component in this product group commands attention and portrays the pinnacle in extravagant elegance.Availability: Special order 3-4 weeks, no returnsAvailable Finishes: AG-B, AG-R, AS-B, AS-R, AW, AW-C, BL, BL-C, MG, OL, OL-CMaterials: Resin, WoodCollection Notes:Continental Window Fashions makes the following bracket recommendations: 2 inch diameter - every 6-8 feet, 2.1/4 inch diameter - every 6-8 feet, 3 inch diameter - every 8-10 feet. For the purpose of quoting, we loosely figure 4 rings per foot - your drapery workroom can provide a more accurate quantity. Pole lengths exceeding 106 inches will incur significant additional freight charges. The collection's pole splice can be used to achieve longer spans - the required center bracket will help conceal the resulting seam.

Vesta Hunley Collection

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