Motorized Curtain Rods by Somfy
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Motorized curtain rods from Somfy allow you to open and close your drapes with the click of a button from a convenient remote control. Open the drapes from bed to let in the sunshine when you're ready to wake up. Quickly close the drapes in your office when the afternoon sunshine creates a glare on computer screens. Remote-control curtain rods bring the convenience of automation into your home or office, and Continental Window Fashions is dedicated to offering the best motorized curtain rods at the most affordable prices possible.

If you lose power, you can still manually open and close your curtains without damaging your Somfy Glydea motor. When electricity is restored, there is no resetting required to resume use of your motorized curtains. This is an easy way to add luxury to your home or to improve efficiency and comfort in a professional environment.

Do you have curtains that are difficult to reach due to furniture or other design elements? Somfy motorized curtain rods are the practical solution that allows you to open and close those window treatments easily.

Somfy motorized curtain rods are available in lengths up to 16 feet. Choose the Somfy Glydea motorized rod for draperies up to 70 pounds. Heavier draperies up to 125 pounds are supported by the Somfy Glydea 65e remote-control curtain rod.

Somfy Motorized Curtain Rod

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