Kirsch Traverse Rods
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Kirsch 2 Inch Designer Metals decorative traverse curtain rods offer the quality of the Kirsch heavy duty traverse curtain rod using a beautiful decorative metal fascia. With the ability to traverse up to 56 lbs, this 2 inch Kirsch Designer Metals traverse rod can confidently support elegant draperies that have been lined and interlined. The heavy duty ball bearing carriers allow for a smooth closure every time.

Bring to life the perfect view while maintaining privacy and controlling the light in the room. Available in all of the Kirsch 2 Inch Designer Metal finishes, these custom made metal traverse curtain rods is made to order with your exact requirements in mind. Once you build the Kirsch traverse curtain rod with the options listed, you can then select any of the finials in this collection to complete your order.

Materials: Metal
Diameter:  2 Inches
Size(s): Custom lengths up to 16 feet.
Notes:  All of the Kirsch 2 Inch Designer Metals custom traverse rods come complete with the necessary brackets for the specific length ordered and include three (3) traverse slides per foot. Additional slides can be ordered for fuller draperies.
Availability: Kirsch 2 Inch Designer Metals Custom Made Traverse Rods typically ship in 2 - 4 weeks.
Returns:  Since this collection's products are custom made, they are not returnable
If you would rather have wooden traverse rods, see the Kirsch Estate Ultra Wood Traverse Rods.

Kirsch 2 Inch Designer Metals Decorative Traverse Rods

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