Artigiani Rings and Wands
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Curtain Rings and Wands

From the large selection of curtain rod rings below you can make your choice by clicking on the style you like the best. You will see that we off rings with eyelets, rings with a smaller ring floating, clip rings, hooks and c-rings. Also available for your drapery rods are a few different type of drapery batons or wands as some people like to call them. Some of the common terms people use when talking about rings are: Curtain rings, drapery rings, drapery clip rings, curtain rod rings, curtain rod ring, decorative curtain rings, drapery hooks and c-rings. .
Materials: Wrought Iron
Size(s): Sizes vary, please see individual items for specific information on curtain rod diameters and bracket dimensions.
Availability: All Helser Brothers Artigiani items take 2-4 weeks to be hand finished.
Returns: Helser Brothers Artigiani Drapery Hardware is NON-RETURNABLE.
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Artigiani Rings and Wands

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