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Graber basic curtain rods include, specialty window kits, crystal clear rods, lock-seam curtain rods, sash rods, arched window rods and adjustable lock-seam bay rods. The specialty window kits features flexible Crystal Clear curtain rods that easily bend to the desired shape of window. Rods easily cut to length with a hacksaw. You can splice rods together to fit even the largest windows. Clear curtain rod snaps into clear clips installed in the frame for a secure fit. Arched window curtain rod mounting accessories simplify the creation of arch window treatments. Clear center support clips are an unobtrusive part of the finished treatment. The splice will hold the crystal clear rod in a circular shape for use with porthole windows. Lock-seam curtain rods are coated inside and out, with no exposed edges. Baked white enamel finish matches Graber traverse rods. The "lock-seam" design gives the curtain rod that additional strength needed for medium to heavy curtain fabrics.Threader attached to rod ensures smooth, no-snag shirring.
Materials: Metal, Plastic
Size(s): Varies
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Graber Sash Rods

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