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Graber Dauphine Rods also known as Flat Valance Curtain Rods come in two different sizes. 2 1/2" and 4 1/2". The Dauphine rod can be used as a combination rod, which is ideal for creating layered wide-pocket toppers/valance treatments. The flat valance rods feature snap-on brackets designed for easy one person installation. Need a bay window curtain rod, no problem. The Graber Bay window Dauphine rods feature flexible corner hinges and snap-in swivel end brackets for a clean finished look. The corner hinge can be used on inside or outside corners. Don't feel like breaking out the drill? The Spring Tension Dauphine Rod makes it easy to install inside mount wide pocket treatments. Snap-lock spring mechanism means that no brackets or tools are required. Also featured in this collection is the clear curtain rod. The Frost Dauphine disappears under the delicate lace and sheer wide pocket treatments.

Graber Dauphine Curtain Rods

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