Spring Loaded Curtain Rods by Graber
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Curtain tension rods are spring loaded curtain rods that do not require any screws to hold it up. Spring loaded curtain rods are held in place by a pressured spring which is inside the curtain tension rod and you compress it to fit in the area you wish to mount the rod. This is a very popular curtain rod and no drill or special installation tools are required. It is held up by the tension in the spring and is a very easy rod to mount. Only recommended for light weight curtains and limited to a width of 84 inches. Why is there an 84" limitation? Tension curtain rods are designed to hold very little weight and do not have a center bracket for support. Longer spans and heavier weights will cause the tension rod to either bow or sag in the middle or fall down all together because they cannot support the weight. This is why extra long tension rods are hard to find (if they exist at all). We recommend doing a traditional rod and bracket system for lengths exceeding 84" or if you have middle to heavy weight window treatments. If you need assistance, just give us a call!
Materials: Metal, Plastic
Size(s): Varies
Availability: All spring loaded curtain rods are in stock and typically ship in 1 - 2 business days.
Returns: These items are returnable.

Graber Spring Loaded Curtain Rods

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