Forest Drapery Hardware
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Whether your property features a simple bow window or bay windows with three or four angles, our growing collection of Forest Group drapery hardware will make it easy to dress those windows quickly. Select window coverings that fulfill your decorative vision for the room, and then turn to Forest drapery hardware to bring that vision to life.

We stock a variety of metal and wood curtain rod sets, including H-rail and single or double traverse. Rod sizes range from 1 3/16-inch to 3 inches, and we stock proprietary Forest Group cordage to ensure that you can properly hang curtains of most sizes and styles without searching endlessly for the right accessories and tools.

Forest Group Drapery Hardware products are known for their durability and reliable quality, and they offer a stylish touch while keeping your windows functional. Add decorative ends for your valence rods, or pick up group end caps, splices and swivel elbows. Forest Group has the tools and accessories that you need to bring out the best in any window.

Forest Drapery Hardware

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