Finial Company 90 Degree Wood Elbow
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Finial Company 90 Degree Wood Elbow

Product Description
Bronze with Gold
Bronze with Gold and Gray
Flat Black
Flat Black with Gold
Silver with Gold
Walnut Gold
Dark Walnut Gloss with Gold
Antique Steel
Antique Steel with Black Highlights
Gray with Gold
Walnut Gold with Gray Accents
Platinum with Black Highlights
Mahogany Rust
Bronze with Black
Statuary Bronze with Gold
Antique Burgundy
Antique White Crackled
Satin Black
Satin Black with Gold
Spring Green with Gold
Weathered Gold
Black with Heavy Gold
Oxblood Gold
Antique Brass
Golden Pecan Stain
Red Oak Stain
Mahogany Rust with Gold
Black Cherry
Tudor with Rose
Tudor with Ivy
Plantation White
Statuary Bronze
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Please specify return to the wall and measurement from inside corner of miter to end of front rod. Specify pole. Fluted pole not guaranteed to match. Not available pre-drilled. Sold as each.