The Finial Company 1 3/8 inch Finials
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All of the drapery hardware in this collection is hand finished to order and available in several colors or stains. Continental considers this to be some of the highest quality drapery hardware made today. In the 1 3/8" Finial Company Drapery Hardware Collection you will find, wood poles, wood brackets, curtain rings and a huge selection of finials. On this page you will be viewing the various wood and resin finials offered by the Finial Company. As you will see they offer several different styles of drapery finials. Look at each finial closely and determine what style it is that you like.
Materials: Wood, Resin, Steel
Size(s): 1 3/8"
Availability: Finial Company products typically take 4 - 6 weeks to be custom finished, packed and shipped.
Returns: All Finial Company products are custom made and NON-RETURNABLE.
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The Finial Company 1 3/8 inch Finials

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