Cassidy West 1 1/2 inch Wrought Iron Curtain Rods
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1 1/2" Wrought Iron curtain rod sets come complete with brackets and finials. Build your customized wrought iron curtain rod set by selecting your 1 1/2" curtain rod color, size, and finial style. Rings and tiebacks are also available in the accessories section of this collection. Wrought iron curtain rods are available in several lengths from 2 feet all the way up to 18 feet. 2' - 6' lengths include 2 mounting brackets. 8' - 12' lengths include 3 mounting brackets. 14' - 16- include 4 mounting brackets. 18' lengths will receive 5 mounting brackets.

Curtain rods that are 8' and over will be spliced for shipping. All appropriate splicing hardware will be included.

We will pack it up and ship it directly to you.
Materials: Wrought Iron
Size(s): 1 1/2"
Availability: Cassidy West drapery hardware, if in stock, typically ships in 2 weeks.
Returns: Cassidy West drapery hardware is NON-RETURNABLE.

    Cassidy West 1 1/2 inch Wrought Iron Curtain Rods

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