Drapery Wands and Drapery Batons
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Dramatic drapes can be an integral part of a room's overall aesthetic. In fact, in many cases, drapes can help define the ambiance of the space. However, your drapes are not worth anything if they are not fully functional as well. In order to get the most out of your drapes in any room, be sure to accessorize with easy and practical products like drapery wands.

Also known as drapery batons, these items can be attached to your drapes to facilitate movement. Having curtain wands is particularly useful for larger drapes that can be cumbersome to maneuver without additional support.

Fortunately, we offer a large selection of drapery wands and batons for you to consider for your interior design needs. When thinking about drapery batons, look at the way they attach to your drapes. You can also pick curtain wands based on how easy they are to operate. After you consider your priorities, finding the right batons for your drapes is easy with our excellent online selection.

Drapery Wands and Drapery Batons

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LJB Acrylic Drapery Wand