Brimar Hardware
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If you're looking for chic, modern hardware to accent your contemporary design, explore the lines and accents of Brimar hardware. Brimar hardware offers a unique breed of curtain rods, with cutting-edge designs and slender form factors. Brimar hardware is a complete collection of a number of different accents and features you may need to complete your window dressing. Available in a wide inventory of exceptionally unique textures, materials, and surfaces, Brimar hardware offers both form and function.

Brimar hardware is durable and built to last, making them suitable for any application. A double bracket system is available for those who need hardier options, and though Brimar hardware may appear to be ethereal and delicate, it's also extremely long-lasting.

Brimar hardware can provide accents for everything from bold, thick drapery, to light, ethereal accent pieces. Brimar hardware includes batons, brackets, rings, brackets, and rails -- you can create an entire set depending on the look that you desire. Take a look at the options today.

Brimar Manhattan Haute Drapery Hardware

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