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What Everyone Should Know Before Buying Window Bling

What Everyone Should Know Before Buying Window Bling

Whether you're looking for style, functionality, or a combination, it can be a daunting task to choose bling to accompany your windows. Bling is a critical choice to accentuate your windows because they are a stylish, inexpensive way to add your own personal touch to what could be otherwise drab, stock windows.


But how do you get started? Do you just head to the nearest home super store and ask a bunch of questions? Do you find a store that sells window decor in the yellow pages? Or do you just get on the internet and hope for the best? Our guide below will show you how to avoid the pitfalls and tell you what everyone should know before buying bling.




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Windows are one of the most important points of focus in the home


No matter how many you have or what size they are, your windows are one of - if not the - most important focal points in your home. They let in natural light, dictate the placement of furniture, and are a key component in overall flow.


However, choosing the wrong bling can create havoc. Standard drapes and shades have their standalone benefits, but bling is a great way to set them off because they are stylish and unique.



What is bling?


In short, bling are small decorative elements that accentuate the look of your window coverings from blinds to curtains to drapes. They can be hung from drapery rods, attached via hooks, screwed in, or fastened on to your décor any number of other ways.



Types of window bling


Now that you know more about the type of bling you need for your particular room, it's time to go over the varying types available to you.



TMS-Menagerie Drapery Bling


Hanging window bling - Think of these as a sort of "earrings" for your curtains. They are often attached by hanging or hooking them directly to the curtain rod. They can be bought in sets of two, i.e. one for the left and right of the window. Hanging window bling can also be bought in multiples that go in between each rung of the curtains.




Paris Texas 1 inch portfolio cuffs


Attachment window bling - This type of bling is usually meant to be installed on opposite ends of the curtain rod. They give windows a more elegant, distinctive style than having just the rod. It can be accent cuffs adding another decorative element to your drapery rod assembly.




Iron Art Bohemia 777 Finial


Or a faceted crystal final, adding an unexpected touch of sparkle.




Finial Company Resin Curtain Rod Bracket


Window brackets - You may have put a lot of thought into the above window bling, but what about the brackets that hold the curtain rod in place? Often, the standard bracket can be just that: standard, bland, and clashes with the rest of the décor. Consider shopping around for more detailed, decorative brackets to compliment your design.




Paris Texas Portfolio Collection Swindon Holdback



Holdbacks and tiebacks - These types of window bling are used to hold open curtains at the halfway point, a great choice for windows with curtains in the open position for most or all of the day. Holdbacks generally use hooked shape bracket to hold curtains open. Tiebacks are short rods mounted on the wall where curtains can be tied into the open position.



Continental Window Fashions Pro Tips:


  • Shop around before making any type of budget for your bling. Pinterest is a great way to get a ton of visual ideas for the kind of bling or style you would like to emulate. Do keep in mind that your bling will be a focal, ornamental point in the home for years to come, so plan to spend a decent amount.
  • Your budget is one of first and most important points to consider, especially if shopping for the entire home. Plan your budget with respect to size and number of windows, materials you prefer, fabric, desired features, and any pattern or design you are partial to. All these factors sum up in your overall cost. Keep in mind to spend the most in the room or rooms you plan to spend the most time in and save the lower priced items for lesser-used areas, such as guest bedrooms. 
  • Part of your budget may include installment of the more complex forms of bling, such as brackets and hooks, as well as all the materials and tools needed to do so. Be sure to factor this into your selections as choosing bling you can install yourself may save you hundreds to thousands of dollars. 
  • Everyone has an insane to-do list every day. Allocating time to clean bling on a regular basis may not fit into it. If this is true of your home, look for bling that requires little to no maintenance or cleaning. Most standard bling can be cleaned by hand in the home, but many can serve as magnets for dust. Bling containing fabric may require machine or even dry cleaning. Bling with intricate patterns may collect dust within the patterns and be difficult to clean. Some bling must be professionally varnished or cleaned, a cost that can add up over time. Be sure and take this into consideration before purchasing. 
  • Since most, if not all, window bling is special order and or non-returnable; take advantage on in-house design experts to help you make your purchasing decisions. Design experts have the background and product knowledge to help guide you and help you find the window bling most appropriate for your windows. Your window bling should feel cohesive and fit into the overall design when added to your window treatments. The addition of window bling show flow seamlessly into your décor and enhance, not distract, or disrupt the design aesthetic.




What more do you want to know about bling? Any other bling ideas you have in mind? Leave a comment and start discussing!

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