Romance your decor with Double Curtain Rods in 3 Easy Steps! by Continental Window Fashions
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Romance your decor with Double Curtain Rods in 3 Easy Steps!

Romance your decor with Double Curtain Rods in 3 Easy Steps!

Extraordinary beauty, enchanting allure, or unabashed romance may be the emotions you’d love to elicit from your personal home décor. You want every silhouette, texture, color and detail to create the ambiance that distinguishes your residence. These spectacular elements make your house a home and are a reflection of your exquisite good taste.

Your window treatments are the first step in the process to generating an atmosphere of stunning serenity and fashion brilliance. If you want to walk into your living room or bedroom every day and say to yourself, “I just love these beautifully dressed windows!” This is the room that I’ve dreamed of!” Then discover the elegance, drama and practicality of curtains with double curtain rods.


Let’s take the journey together and follow these 3 very easy steps to romance your décor.



1. Fall in Love with your Fabrics


Stunning pink English roses? Subtle pale blue and white nautical stripes? Boldly colored silk drapes crafted by hand from magnificent vintage Indian sarees? Whether your vision draws you to the exotic or the contemporary, falling in love with the fabrics of your curtains and drapes will set the mood of your room and be an inspiration to you every day. Joy, elation, happiness, these are all powerful feelings. Can you capture such heady emotions from your choice of fabrics?




By selecting a sheer or transparent fabric as the first set of curtains, next to the window, you can choose to allow the warmth and radiance of the sun to pour into your room during the day. Many of today’s top interior designers are selecting exquisite, delicate voiles for the sheer set of curtains and richly textured crushed velvets or stunning, exotic patterned denser fabrics for the second set.

In many cases the second set acts as black-out curtain allowing complete privacy and keeping the cold winds or distracting light at bay. These two options in one set of curtains provide you with total versatility, sophisticated style and a beautiful, dramatic component to your décor.



contemporary double curtain rod design by interior designer Patrick Sutton


A sophisticated, contemporary double curtain design by interior designer Patrick Sutton. Here he has kept the restrained color palette tonal, preserving the subtle and bright Americana feeling. You can feel the warm, restful feeling this room décor evokes. You can easily imagine being curled up with a good book in this delightful room.



dramatic music room in Miami by Brown Davis Interiors, Inc double curtain rods


This dramatic music room in Miami by Brown Davis Interiors, Inc. allows the double curtains to take center stage, with a soft and sheer interior curtain and a contrasting bold, canary yellow outer curtain drawing the eye vertically to the high ceilings. The emotion here is sophisticated, urbane and chic.



retro beach house by Musso Design Group double curtain rods


Going Retro for a beach house in Florida, interior designers at the Musso Design Group added a bold punch of color blocking with a sheer gauze curtain under a horizontal striped curtain which picks up all the colors in the room. This simple and bold curtain option turns this small room into a charming, stylish, design statement. By pulling the tones in the room together, this room evokes a rich, sumptuous rhythm, with the draperies as the vocal point.



Terris Lightfoot bedroom double curtain rods


A delicious example of an ethereal and romantic transitional bedroom design, this polished and glistening room gets its charm from all the diminutive and adventurous details coming together to form a whole. By Terris Lightfoot Contracting, this jewel of a bedroom conveys both romance with the crystal chandeliers and a contemporary flair with the silver and off-white double hung curtains featuring Paris Texas Hardware. Sparkling crystal finials are the perfect icing on this cake! Let’s investigate the magic of choosing just the right hardware and finials of your dreams together…




2. Fall in Love with your Drapery Hardware


So many of our hardware options here at Continental Window Fashions can be purchased ‘a la carte’ so you can be as creative as you like, mixing finishes, brackets and finial styles. We offer many thousands of different double brackets and set possibilities. Wrought Iron, wood or resin, which one suits your sense of style best? Let your vision and taste for romance direct you.


Spend time looking through your many options on our comprehensive web site. The possibilities are endless!




double curtain rod

Indulge in contemporary elegance. Here is a classic, modern 1 Inch Wrought Iron Double Curtain Rod Set available in Pewter, Rustica, Oil Rubbed Bronze or Matte Black. Decide on the finial, the length of the curtain rods and color. Need some fashionable tie backs? You can coordinate those as well. Think of the hardware as stunning jewelry for your room.




double turned wood curtain rod bracket


Do you favor a rich traditional wood look? Continental Window Fashions offers this Turned Wood Double Bracket in White, Leather and Mahogany tones. Perfect for any application where the addition of Mother Nature will turn your vision into a reality. You’ll see how these little details create a major statement.


Paris Texas 1 inch portfolio wood double curtain rod bracket

Hand finished in a vast assortment of designer colorations the Paris Texas 1 Inch Portfolio Cerise Double Bracket allows your imagination and creativity to explore new possibilities. Sleek, understated and curved in all the right places, the bracket caresses and supports your draperies, your work of art.




Vesta Elegance Crystal Finial


Imagine the finials placed at the ends of the rods as a diamond on a lovely woman’s finger. A relatively small adornment, but nonetheless elegant, brilliant and completely eye-catching. Consider the finals as the jewelry finishing touch you add to your window treatments, creating the ultimate enchanted sparkle in your newly transformed space.

One of our most lavish and luxurious window treatment hardware collection? Try the Vesta European Elegance Collection. We invite you to fall in love with this very important detail and look through our vast assortment of finials. We promise you’ll be inspired by the incredible opportunity choosing just the right finials offer.




Vesta Apollo Finial


Another elegant option by Vesta is a contemporary, transitional look found in the Vesta Apollo Collection. For a refined, graceful brushed metal look try the 1 1/8 Inch Harvest Finial. This cultured metal accent will impeccably tie in the elements of the hardware accents in your room and provide a gleaming, glossy finish to your distinctive window treatments.




Transitional Style - Kirsch Designer Metals 1 3_8 inch designer metal collection


Beautiful Transitional look achieved with Kirsch 1 3/8 Inch Designer Metals Collection. A rich, bold, and thoroughly confident approach to window dressing can be seen in this stylish example of a transitional living room look. The vertically striped roman shades in deep taupe add a smart contrast to the ocher semi-sheer curtains. By choosing your drapery hardware first, deciding upon your fabrics and curtain styles will be a true pleasure.




3. Complete Your Window Magic


It couldn’t be easier. The double bracket has two openings on each side. The lighter fabric is placed on the rods and goes on first, next to the window. The heavier fabric goes on next. So simple!

Now, step back and bask in the glory of your exclusive, enchanted creation. You have added romance to your décor in 3 easy steps with your originality and imagination guiding you! Whether provocative or pretty, daring or dazzling, your personality will shine through in your window treatment choices.

And if you’d like an expert to guide you through the process, please give us a call at 866.375.4500 or email us at We will happily turn your window décor dreams into a reality.



Continental Window Fashions Pro Tips:

  • Find your design inspiration. Whether it is a paint color, a drapery hardware collection, a lighting fixture; find one thing that you really love and build your design concept from there. It will simplify the process tremendously and will tie everything together seamlessly.

  • Choose a main drapery fabric that features a color that you want to showcase, as draperies become the focal point of the room, then incorporate that color into accents throughout the room in pillows, throws and accessories – it will give that "Designer Touch” to the overall design of the room.

  • Whether your design concept is Contemporary, Transitional, or Traditional, consider incorporating crystal or glass finials, as they add an unexpected touch of sparkle.

  • Sheer Drapery does not have to be boring! Patterned or textured sheer drapery fabrics add depth and interest to a double drapery window treatment.

  • Tie in your drapery hardware finish to other finishes in the room, it will make the overall design of the room feel cohesive once complete.


How would you like to romance your decor? Leave us a comment and let's discuss!

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