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How to choose the Best Curtains with Blackout Lining

How to choose the Best Curtains with Blackout Lining

Blackout Curtains are a necessity for people who work third shift and need to sleep during the day, have light sensitivities, or live in a place where even at night, the street lamps and city lights make bedrooms way too bright when we are supposed to be sleeping. Blackout curtains or blackout lining block the light outdoors from coming in the window and disturbing your circadian cycle.

Curtains with blackout lining aren’t just for keeping the room dark. Many people love blackout curtains for the cooling effect they have in hotter climates and thermal effects in cold areas. Blackout curtains can even serve as a noise buffer to help filter the outside noises and can protect your wood floors and expensive furniture from fading because of sun exposure.

Not all blackout curtains are the same, however, and there are few that are just a cut above the rest. Check out what we think are the best curtains with blackout lining.


Nicetown Thermal Blackout Curtains Image from Amazon


Nicetown Thermal Blackout Curtains - We love the Nicetown brand of curtains with blackout lining because they come in 15 solid colors and 9 sizes, which makes them nearly customizable for any windows. They are 100 percent polyester and come with two panels in each package. The blackout liner is sewn into the drapes offering 100 percent blackout capabilities to block UV rays and sunshine. These curtains are also noise reducing with two layers. They also absorb twice the noise compared to one layered curtain. The thick thermal curtains are also great at insulating against both hot and cold weather to help maintain a steady temperature in the home.


Deconovo Room Darkening Curtains from Amazon


Deconovo Room Darkening Curtains - The Deconovo Room Darkening Curtains are an excellent choice for affordable curtains with blackout lining with a great reputation. Deconovo curtains come in more than 20 color choices and 15 sizes for great customization in any room and for just about any size window. The curtains are made entirely from polyester and have a silver-coated side that is thermal and energy-efficient. The silver lining also creates better shading performance than the usual black lining for blackout curtains. Each package contains two panels and two of the color matching tie backs. For lighter color curtain panels only blackout around 75 percent, however, with only the black panels achieving up to 95 percent blackout.


Flamingo Blackout Curtains


Flamingo P Blackout Curtains - These Flamingo P thermal curtains with blackout lining are double paneled for insulation, noise reduction, and optimal blackout ability. They come in six sizes and eight different colors, which is a bit limited compared to other brands; however, they offer 100 percent blackout with all panel colors and have no chemical coating like formaldehyde. They are fabric lined and environmentally friendly. These curtains feel luxurious and the woven blackout lining makes the curtains soft and flowing. Each package includes two panels with eight grommets on each. We love that these are machine washable and dry. These blackout curtains are also safe to iron!

Zenith Ready Made Faux Taffeta- These faux taffeta curtains are extremely versatile because they can be ordered in standard, lined, or interlined varieties. The interlined varieties provide room darkening and R9 thermal insulation to keep in the warmth during winter months and keep out the heat in the summer. The curtain panels are 55 percent polyester and 45 percent nylon. The drapery liner is 80 percent polyester, and 20 percent cotton and the interlined drapery is 100 percent flannel. These curtains are heavyweight and high quality but are only sold one panel per package. There are 11 unique colors to choose from including burnt orange, antique gold, jasper, rust, sunset and champagne. We love these blackout curtains because they are elegant, unique, and especially beautiful.

Softline Caesar Scroll Ready Made Draperies- The elegant and sophisticated Caesar Scroll Ready Made Draperies can be customized with an interlining to becoming blackout curtains. This style of curtain comes in six different dual-tone shades and four different lengths from 84-120 inches long. The interlining has R9 thermal insulation and is 100 percent flannel. The main curtain is 65 percent polyester and 35 percent linen while the drapery liner is 80 percent polyester and 20 percent cotton.

Accessories You Need for Blackout Curtains

There is more to hanging curtains with blackout lining than just purchasing the double-lined curtains. Because blackout curtains are lined, they add weight to the curtains and you must ensure you are using the correct accessories for hanging the panels otherwise you could damage your rods and end up with drapes that are on the floor.

Here are a few accessories you need to hang your blackout drapes properly.

Curtain Rods- Curtain rods go across the top of the windowpane, and the drapes with blackout lining will hang from the rod by the grommet holes at the top of the panels. Rods can be acrylic, bamboo, metal, or wood. Click here for more information on how to find the best curtain rods.

Curtain Rod Finials- These end caps for curtain rods help the blackout curtains stay in place and not slid off the end of the rod when they are pulled back. Curtain rod finials usually come with the original curtain rod, but replacements can be purchased. For more information on selecting your blackout curtain hardware, click here.

Rod Brackets and Hooks- The way a blackout curtain rod is kept up is by using curtain rod brackets and hooks. Multiple brackets and hooks can be used to hang curtains that are especially heavy so that the rods do not bend or break. Learn everything you need to know about curtain rod brackets and hooks by clicking here.

Curtains with blackout lining are perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, attics, and basements, or other rooms where you want optimal temperature control and darkness. Blackout drapes are elegant and can help even the most severe sufferers of insomnia get a good night's sleep (or a good day’s sleep if you sleep while the sun is up!).



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