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6 Inspiring Bedroom Curtains Ideas for A Quick Room Make-Over

6 Inspiring Bedroom Curtains Ideas for A Quick Room Make-Over


People don’t always realize it, but curtains have a big impact on a room. Besides being there for practical reasons like blocking out light and sounds, they also have a big aesthetic effect on a space. They soften the hard lines around the window and add pattern, color, and texture to the décor. While we can’t always justify the cost of a complete bedroom make-over, you can easily update your curtains and curtain hardware without a large budget or excessive effort. Here are six inspiring bedroom curtains ideas that will help you to give your bedroom a quick make-over. 




1) Add Some Color


traditional bedroom with pink curtains and decor

source: Exceptional Villas



Counter any Blue Monday with a splash of color! Color can lift your mood and instill positive feelings, so if you struggle to wake up on the right side of the bed, colorful curtains might be just the thing for you! Choose sunny yellow drapes for happiness, red for vibrancy and green for a feeling of freshness and new beginnings. Complete your new drapes with simple wrought iron or and ball finials for a clean look.




2) Environmentally Friendly Fibers


classic refined boho chic bedroom with formal curtains

source: Amber Interior Design



Sleep soundly while knowing that you’re doing your bit for the environment. Choose sustainably sourced organic fibers for a bedroom that helps you breathe as easy as Mother Nature intended. Loosely woven linen curtains create beautiful soft and flowy sheers while slubby linen weaves add delicate texture to drapes. Hemp and bamboo are also great options, as well as organically grown cotton. For that final green touch, use bamboo-look curtain rods. Choose a soft pastel palette with touches of deep charcoal for contrast, and add plants to your room to help with air purification.   



If you want to know more about the different curtain fabrics available, then click here!




3) A Touch of Drama


Classic-Vintage-Farmhouse-Bedroom-with Botanical Print Curtain

source: Digs Digs



Curtains can be a massive focal point in your room, so add instant drama with a pair of statement curtains! Think heavy floral drapes in oversized florals and a deep, rich color palette. The Modern Victorian trend has become very popular and is characterized by heavy drapery, dark colors and photo-realistic or stylized floral patterns. Create your own dramatic style with bold floral printed curtains and finish the look with return wrought iron curtain rods and curtain rings to match. 




4) French Country Chic


Stylish-French-Country-Bedroom-Design-with Geometric Pattern Curtains

source: Good News Architecture



Create your French country bedroom in the city and feel like you’re waking up to lavender fields every morning! The French Country style is quite simple to mimic: light cotton drapes with soft geometric patterns or ticking stripe, layered over sheers and soft blinds. The layered effect helps block out the sun as well as an unfavorable view – in case you don’t have that lavender field outside your window! Whitewashed curtain rods or curtain hardware in natural wood complete this pretty look.




5) Luxurious Silk



source: Sukio



Silk curtains have been used in palaces and luxurious rooms for hundreds of years, and it is still as relevant today as it was then! Add instant luxury to your bedroom with a pair of natural or faux silk curtains. Traditionally, silk curtains are made slightly longer than required which allow them to sit on top of the floor and puff up a bit. Soft pastel silk curtains create a beautiful backdrop for a subtle splash of color in a scatter cushion or occasional . Finish the look with delicate gold curtain rods to match.




6) Minimalist Calm


scandinavian bedroom with white light linen curtains

source: Progetti Di Design



Even Minimalists need sleep! Soften the hard edges of your minimalist bedroom with floor to ceiling drapes in a plain fabric. Traverse rods with ceiling brackets allow you to install the curtains on the ceiling to create a clean look. Once these curtains are drawn, it creates a wall of fabric, adding to the uncluttered look of the room. Sheer curtains with a subtle texture help to diffuse light, but if you prefer a dark room for sleeping, add a blackout layer behind to block out light completely.




Now that your drapes are updated, here a few more tips to update the rest of your room!



PRO TIPS for updating your bedroom with accessories:


  • Choose one or two pillows on your bed that compliment your new curtains. They don’t necessarily have to match, but they should definitely have a similar color or pattern.
  • Throws are a great way to add some interest to a bed. Formally style it across the foot of the bed, or lightly throw it on the bed for a more informal look.
  • Plants and flowers are always a great addition to a bedroom. Choose plants that help with air purification, and avoid flowers that may have pollen in them to prevent allergies while sleeping.


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