As the new year approaches, the home design trends will soon eclipse what's new in 2019. Or will they? We've asked several designers and those that have eyes for style regarding what new trends they think will pop out next year. Check out what they have to say:

What's "In" for 2019

Plaid & Bold Wall Paneling

"I believe blush and buffalo plaid are here to stay for a while. Industrial and the rustic look will continue to be popular. Shiplap is still everywhere! And waterfall-edge kitchen islands. And for some reason, people love bold, big paneling on walls in pricey homes. My husband, a finish carpenter, is installing it everywhere." - Dagmar Bleasdale, Dagmar's Home


"The trend I see gathering momentum (throughout the last years and will undoubtedly be continuing) is anything that you're able to do yourself! I foresee even more DIY home projects coming our way in 2019, whether it's installing your own unconventionally patterned wallpaper or refurbishing vintage lighting fixtures to create a gorgeous blend of modern and retro aesthetic!

With the copious amount of information available online, nothing is impossible. I adore the empowerment that comes from being able to master new skills while making your home unique to you and your tastes! I live in a 1900's house with wood floors and high ceilings, so the vintage charm is already present in each room. Adding in a few modern pieces creates a contrast of styles that work together like a dream.

I'm also able to find more and more reproduction pieces (like Joybird couches!) that keep the authentic charm of the '50s and '60s while having the durability that comes with a new piece of furniture. I'm also inspired by those who use a variety of plants (from tropical trees to cacti gardens) to enhance their spaces. This is something I plan on bringing into my home, even more, this year!" - Jes Baker, The Militant Baker


“A return to handcrafted authenticity, especially when it comes to furniture and decorative arts versus buying mass-produced pieces.” - Andria Mitsakos, Oil Nut Bay


“2019 appears to be the year where the 1970’s and 1980’s battle it out for retro supremacy. Rattan, lots of color, and bold floral patterns are in as are heavier details and organic forms. Rich velvets, darker brass, and abstract shapes are definitely things we are seeing more within a context of ensuring the overall space can remain timeless in the years to come. On the way, out are blue cabinets, urban farmhouses, and strict minimalism. As always, design accents should help emphasize the overall design intent and not overwhelm it.” - Jeffrey Pelletier, Board & Vellum Architecture and Design

Timeless Personality

"I typically don't pay very much attention to trends. When my clients are investing in their home's interiors, they want a design that can become timeless. Their homes reflect who they are - their experiences, personalities, style, and needs, rather than what happens to be "in" at the moment.

That said, the geopolitical climate of the world always affects one's choices in colors, textures, and uses. We are moving towards a stronger awareness of our environment and "green" materials. Calm spaces and design have become more important as our lives have gotten crazier - we need spaces to anchor and reset ourselves. I've begun integrating a fairly new discipline, Biophilic Design, which helps guide a design through our organic relationships to nature.

Measurable and proven benefits to our clients include being happier, more productive, lowering blood pressure, and more. As art and science are integrated into one's interior design, the more successful, and long-lasting the result." - Stacey Lapuk, ASID, Stacey Lapuk Interiors

Vibrant & Bold Colors

"Vibrant Statement-Makers - As Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year, it’s no surprise that the color coral will be one of the biggest décor trends for next year. This is great because coral is surprisingly versatile and brings a sense of vibrancy into the home. Go big and bold with a bright coral pattern in the bedroom, or add coral accents to the home with a throw blanket or pillow.

Bold Primary Colors - We believe that brighter is better, and 2019 will exemplify that. Bold primary colors will make a comeback over pastel and more neutral tones, creating the most lively and unique homes and bedrooms." - Karin Sun, Crane & Canopy Founder

Back to Roots

“We’re focused on diving deep into the cultural context of an area to pinpoint the region’s defining characteristics. We integrate them into each project to ensure they resonate at the moment and will stand the test of time.” - Co-founding Principals, Chris von Eckartsberg and Hans Baldauf, BCV Architecture + Interiors

Wall Paint: Shades of White

“The white that we see clients liking more is Chantilly Lace, a very pure white that does not have any grey in it, and therefore gives a very luminous feel to the room. We start to use softer white like dove grey to warm up the modern spaces. Basically, we are going away from the cold whites of the last few years.” - Sybille Schneider, Leroy Street Studio

Green – From Furniture to Paint

“Green! In just about every shade, but definitely moody emerald or dark forest green. Green symbolizes nature and the natural world. Use plush green velvet to make a sofa or armchair a great accent piece; or consider painting an accent wall in hunter green to add pop to a room, and you can’t go wrong.” - Juliet Gold, Juliet Gold Design Founder

Pewter and Gunmetal Hardware

“Pewter and gunmetal is the trend we are loving. It’s not as harsh as matte black or specific as brass or gold, but it gives fixtures some texture and depth.” - Highlyann Krasnow, The Design High

Colored Kitchen Cabinetry

“Many are beginning to incorporate colored cabinets in kitchens while moving away from all white cabinetry. Making a statement and creating a mood with cabinetry in black and colors like deep or grey-washed blues and greens is in high demand. These are being beautifully paired with fixtures and hardware in brass and other contrasting metals.” - Sara Ianniciello, Whitehall Interiors

Clever, Concealed Storage

“Our clients continue to gravitate towards concealed and clean integration in our kitchen designs, with maximized and clever storage solutions.” - Sara Ianniciello, Whitehall Interiors

LED Everything

“At first, owners balked at the extra expense. Now, they love never having to change light bulbs, especially as the variety of LED fixtures explodes, and with a larger range of color temperature. My favorite is 2700K, which has a warm, cozy feel, and is great for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms.” - Juliet Gold, Founder of Juliet Gold Design

Exposed Shower Plumbing

“In bathrooms, we’re incorporating more exposed shower plumbing and expect to see more of it in 2019.” - Highlyann Krasnow, The Design High

Use of Wood

“People are increasingly seeking connections from nature. BCV is a big proponent of the flexibility and beauty of wood – we use it widely in our residential and hospitality projects to create a welcoming and calming environment. Whether it’s contextually appropriate, as is the case with the Overland Trail Cabin, the Crow’s Nest residence and ongoing work for Cakebread Cellars, or the perfect counterpoint to help modernize an existing restaurant, like Schroeder’s, wood is a timeless, versatile material BCV loves. In many of BCV’s projects, we see a growing desire for lighter, airier spaces, and wood is a wonderful material to incorporate to achieve this.” - Co-founding Principals, Chris von Eckartsberg and Hans Baldauf, BCV Architecture + Interiors

Open Shelving

“A trend I am seeing is replacing kitchen upper cabinets with metal, wood or glass shelving. Inspired by hotel and retail spaces, this adds to the overall bold statements many want to make in their homes, forgoing the minimalism that was popular in years past.” - Sara Ianniciello, Whitehall Interiors

Smart Home Voice Control Technology

“Voice-operated technology is the future of smart homes, and we already see a taste of this with Amazon’s Alexa. The newest smart-home technology is designed as a flush, glass-fronted touch screen TV behind your bathroom mirror.” - Adam Meshberg, Meshberg Group

Porcelain tile: faux stone or large format scale tile

“Faux stone or large format scale tile will soon replace natural materials like concrete or Italian white marble. Emerging technology and improvement in printing and material quality have allowed for the creation of new porcelain tile that surpasses expectations in looking identical to the real natural materials but easier to install and less expensive.” - Adam Meshberg, Meshberg Group


“For 2019, there is greater interest in biophilia–emphasizing the relationship between humankind and nature, and the connections between the two. We are looking at material palettes that use rich, “galactic” depth for saturated colors, combined with supporting layers of organic, biophilic materiality that’s sourced responsibly, and has a circular strategy for reuse or recycling after its useful life.

Natural, organic materials–such as wood floors, stone, and daylight and plant life–remind us of the exterior and brings the outside and nature, in. We are machine- and technology-driven society, but nostalgic about past processes and handiwork, so opportunities for custom Millwork and crafted materials are very important.” - Angie Lee, FXCollaborativ

Florals & Hollywood Regency Design

“Home decor trends I am seeing are:

Floral patterns are showing up in everything from apparel to home décor. The most popular florals seem to be the bold, oversized pattern options. Flowers offer a soft, and sometimes, feminine alternative to straight lines or geometric patterns.

Hollywood Regency design elements are coming on strong. These include deep colors such as emerald or red. We are starting to swing the other way from the light gray color palettes that have been popular, velvet fabrics for upholstered furniture. Marble and other stone-topped tables (granite, concrete, etc.) are showing up big.” - Liz Toombs, C.I.D., PDR Interiors

Boho & Vintage Modern

"For 2019, inject your space with a boho vibe and add a vintage modern twist and curved lines. Layering and patterned fabrics are something you will see this coming year again but this time around a bit cleaner and brighter with curved furnishings and softer lines." - Caroline Grant and Dolores Suarez, Dekar Design

Shades of Brown

"A major trend I see coming for 2019 is a resurgence of brown, which I think is the new black. It is deep, rich, comfortable and chic. I especially love an espresso or caramel undertone which looks amazing layered and makes a dramatic statement." - Vanessa Alexander, Alexander Design


"2019 will leave behind minimalism and instead pay homage to the more-is-more maximalism movement. It brings me great joy when my clients are on board with our design journey, taking risks and trusting the creative path. In the end, these spaces are unique, fabulous and timeless, created just for them." - Anne Hepfer, Anne Hepfer Designs

Navy Blue

"The New Navy is what I think will be the must have of 2019: navy used in fresh and modern way, or in other words, not your grandma's navy. Of course navy always shines in a classic cabana stripe, but I'm excited to pair it with mint green and pinks. Also, why not try using navy instead of (or even with) black!" - Danielle Walish, The Inside


"White kitchens are in. Actually they never really went out. In true Miesian philosophy ‘God is in the details.’ Think of a white kitchen as a perfect white shirt. From 100 meters away all white shirts look the same. But up close they differ greatly: the feel of the cotton, the thickness of the buttons, the location of the buttons, the shape of the collar. The same is true of kitchens. It’s the color of white, the sheen of the lacquer, the feel of the drawer opening and closing, the discrete integration of the pulls that distinguish them from others. All of those details create an intimate experience. And in Sullivan philosophy ‘form follows function.’ If a kitchen doesn’t function and can’t take a beating, then it is pointless." - Anderson Kenny, Anderson Kenny Architecture

Mixing Metals

"Being an interior designer in New York for the last 20 years I feel fortunate to preview up and coming design trends. During 2018 I’ve already been implementing some of my favorites for 2019. One of them being, mixing metals. In 2018 we saw the emergence of brass in a big way, but mixing metals allow for a more organic flow incorporating what you may already own. Another favorite is curved sofas and rounded back swivel chairs. These work especially well floating in a room and swivel chairs offer amazing flexibility for multifunctional spaces.

Lastly, I love the new blushy tones which compliment beautifully with grays and taupes, my two favorite neutrals for a fresh and updated 2019 look." - Wendy List Hammerman, WLH Interiors

Mixing Old & New

"A definite trend is everything culturally diverse but with a modern twist. Traditional African and Southeast Asian pattern translated into bold geometric design. Sun-blessed colour as you might experience in South America or Mexico is making a splash! Top quality faux fur is offering diverse options from ocelot to leopard, tastefully represented. Understated and subtle are making way for bold and proud!" - René Dekker, René Dekker Design

Patterns & Bold Colors

"The Western look will be popular, featuring rough weaves and Aztec patterns in earthy tones. We also anticipate Scarlet Fever to take hold, with all shades of red being big. Geometric prints won’t be going away anytime soon, showcased throughout the home in the form of rugs and tiles. The Dutch House style will also be popular, blending Swedish simplicity, Danish diversity, and German craftsmanship to create a natural and modern look. Finally, burnished gold and warm copper will move to the forefront, along with warmer peach tones and dusky/chalky colours.

Also, it’s worth thinking about the trends that are going out. These include Tropical and Moroccan styles, as well as cold metallics with silver and blue-toned finishes. Sweet pastel colours and Millennial pink is also out!" - Nicola Croughan, Blinds Direct

More Blending

"I see the trend for 2019 as cleaner spaces with a blending of periods and culture but keeping the colors as the unifier. Also warmer metals like copper." - Vicente Wolf, VW Home

Saltillo Tiles

"Manganese Saltillo Tile is a growing trend in Spanish style homes. What we love about this variety of Mexican terracotta flooring is that it is not limited to only Spanish style homes. It’s very versatile! During the manufacturing process, the clay tile is manipulated to create blends of light and dark brown shades with terracotta colors that bleed through to the surface of the tile. Manganese Saltillo tile floors exude a warm ambiance while staying true to the quality of traditional Mexican Saltillo’s durability and affordability.

Photos Courtesy of Social Sensei

We love seeing Manganese Saltillo tile in modern spaces contrasted with white subway tiles and mixed metallic lighting and hardware. Watch for it in a variety of shapes and sizes in 2019." - Melanie, Rustico Tile & Stone

Cozy Kitchens

“Kitchens are less a laboratory and more treated as a library with warm wood and comfort in mind.” - Sybille Schneider, Leroy Street Studio

Kitchen and Bedroom 2019 Trend Predictions

“Bold Colors & Geometrics - I'm looking to see bold colors in cabinetry this year along with fun and loud geometric backsplashes.

Dramatic Headboards - A certain mixture of wood and leather can make for a dramatic wall in the master bedroom.

Cozy Breakfast Nook - Using the dining room for a quick and quiet breakfast may be a little too much early in the morning especially for those always on the go. That is why a cozy space in the kitchen with a bench can make a cozy nook for breaking the fast.

Rustic Natural Elements -The kitchens will see a surge of wood tops and shelves this year.

Art as Inspiration - The perfect sculpture, painting or both are used as the focal point of the design of the room.” - Hannah Tindall and MacKenzie Cain, Habitar Design

Bronwen’s Tips on Decor Trends in 2019:

“Florals for Every Season - Utilize bud vases for a simple yet impactful accent to a coffee table or bookcase. Cluster a number of bud vases filled with small blooms and greenery in bright colors to add a pop of color to your home, regardless of the season. Another must-try trend is to create a floral wreath. Choose your favorite blooms and attach to a pre-constructed wooden wreath. Hang wherever you see fit within your home or on your front door to welcome guests.

Fringe - Find inspiration from the catwalk for your home. Use fringed elements as decor or opt for fringed tulips as an alternative to more traditional flowers. These exotic blooms provide a unique and chic touch to a tablescape or bar arrangement.

Color Blocking - Color blocking comes and goes, but expect to see this trend carried into the New Year. Decorate your coffee table with a colorful display to brighten the room, use multi-colored pillows on your couch and have fun using decorative trays, bookends and more on the shelves!

Vibrant Colors - With Living Coral as Pantone’s Color of the Year in 2019, don’t shy away from bringing in touches of color throughout your home. Bold, daring, and bright colors are a beautiful, commanding look no matter your home’s style. If you decorate using whites, greys and soft blues, give it a nice pop of color with a vibrant shade like a Pantone’s Color of the Year, deep purple, red or even a bold yellow.

Metallics - Metallics are great for grabbing your attention in any room and is a trend that is here to stay. You can have blooms in a metallic vase as a subtle statement on your end table or countertop. Pair metallic vases with pale pink or yellow flowers as a soft contrast.” - Bronwen Smith, B Floral

More Kitchen Trends 2019

“Colorful Stoves and Hoods - Ranges and hoods are the perfect way to add a pop of color to your kitchen (and our favorite splurge item). It’s a great way to begin the design of the kitchen and go from there. Our favorite this year was from our 26th Street project where the La Cornue stove in the kitchen really informed the design of the rest of the space. Everything in the kitchen and great room was built upon that foundational element.

Backsplash Wall Feature - The backsplash is no longer a compliment to the kitchen; it’s the main event. We love having fun with different textures and styles to really make the kitchen unique to the family. Our favorite backsplash feature wall is from our Santaluz project where the main kitchen features a continuous Carrera marble wall that starts in the kitchen area and continues into the dining space.

The marble is used again on the counters and fireplace. You will also see the bright double range as well, which was the anchor for space. The bar in this home also featured a full black tile wall. Continue to the casita out back where the chevron mosaic tile steals the show.”

Spanish Tiles - An exotic add to any room, Spanish tiles can add a colorful and cultural burst to a contemporary design. Our favorite utilization of this was from our Suncrest Rose project where we infused the modern home with warmth, texture and a Spanish flare while still keeping it family friendly. The home originally came with a very modern, rectangular fireplace which was removed and replaced with a more traditional style firebox with a sloped plaster design above that tied into the new style of their home. The Spanish tiles and concrete mantel (made to look like wood) completed the look.” - Tracy Lynn, Tracy Lynn Studio

Even More Kitchen Trends 2019

"There is an increased desire for color and texture within the home, and the color blue becoming more popular. Living spaces are predicted to become even bigger. The use of white washed flooring, walls and furniture pieces is growing in popularity. All black rod iron light fixtures with exposed bulbs are being used more. Last, but not the least, Shou sugi ban, or the look of burnt wood, is on the rise." - Gena Kirk, KB Corporate Studio

Flooring Trends 2019

"The floors provide the foundation for the style and palette of the room. Hardwood flooring is always a winner and continues to grow in popularity, followed by hardwood flooring look-alikes (wood look tile, luxury vinyl plank). Among all of these, cool tones are most stylish – charcoal browns, deep browns/blacks, grays, gray blended with ebony or brown, whitewashes and pale naturals (with waterborne poly fora muted and non-yellow look). Matte finishes and wider planks give the room a more upscale and up to date look." - Debbie Gartner, The Flooring Girl

Interior Design Trends 2019

“Neutral palettes with pops of color as one trend this coming year! If I never see another all-grey room devoid of color, I will be fine. Take that grey room and add fuchsia or chartreuse or colorful art as mentioned above. Perhaps a fun rug adds to the “blah” mix or install one wall with fabulous, vibrant wallpaper.

Whimsical Art - For 2019, think classical art with a whimsical style and unique approach to formerly serious subject matters. And a colorful, playful approach to figurative or portrait art makes for a fun statement wall.” - Carole Marcotte, Form & Function

Rich Interior Colors

“Metals - Metallic’s are still strong in wallpaper, lighting & accessories. Keep in mind not to mix more than 2 or 3 different metal accents. (Gold, Nickel & Oil rubbed bronze pair well or Chrome, pewter & black pair well)

Richer color palettes - Deep Blues, Emerald Greens & Dark Teal for furniture and accessories.

Non-structured furniture - Relaxed or curved lines in furniture, not as structured.

Layering - Paint, fabrics, rugs & accessories for a more comfortable feel.

Organic materials - Wood floors, stone walls, wool rugs.

Warm grey - Colors are also moving to warmer neutral grey ILO stark white or cooler grey’s" - Leslie Walker, Camelot Homes

Design That Improves Wellness and Being

"Wellbeing Design has been attracting more attention lately and it's a matter of time before it is the default way people design their home.

Wellbeing Design is a multidisciplinary design practice that focuses on the elements that promote health and wellness and improve the quality of life on every level.

Our homes have a great impact not only on the way we feel but also on our physical and mental health. Several studies have shown that we spent 90% of our time indoors. Research in the fields of environmental psychology and biology have also shown that certain elements are crucial for our health (such as natural light, quality air, color balance, and harmony, nature, pleasant sounds and more.) Wellbeing design doesn't stop at "form and function" but it's expanding to be part of the solution to physical and mental issues for a happy and healthy home and life.

Wellness in the workplace has been a hot topic for a while. Progressive organizations such as Google, Etsy, and Apple have designed their workplaces deliberately to promote the health and wellness of their employees and organizations. Investing in wellness has shown a positive return: low employee turnover, great publicity and a 15 percent increase in productivity.

With the noticeably increased awareness of health and wellness, the organic food sales, fitness programs, yoga classes, meditation, retreats, self-help books and blogs, life coaches... all seeing a constant increase every year. The home has as much impact on us as the food we put in our bodies.

Pioneers in the development design and building industry are active at changing the way architecture and interior design approach projects by putting wellbeing at the center.

Delos, a pioneer of wellness real estate in the US, has been developing smart-healthy building systems by incorporating health and wellness features and technologies to bring benefits of natural outdoor conditions inside.

Using their wellness algorithms and technologies they create spaces that enhance wellbeing through design. They aim to create environments for their clients that reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and increase the efficient use of space.

Wellbeing design doesn't stop here. This mindful practice can help maintain healthy habits, improve relationships, strengthen the feeling of belonging, increase focus, productivity, and even creativity. All this is done through understanding the human conditions and using the design elements most impactful for each desired result.

No doubt, this design approach will become a trend that will attract the health and wellness conscious and becomes the default way people design their homes." - Nora Bouz, Lucida Wellbeing by Design

Bold Backsplash Tiles

"Bold backsplashes are definitely on trend for 2019. Going with pops of color, an interesting natural stone, or metallic tile, is a great opportunity to add personality and a unique design component to your kitchen. It's definitely a trend I've been seeing more of in the design world and something my clients have been requesting! For anyone that loves cooking and entertaining guests, a bold backsplash can really help create a beautiful gathering place for you and your guests." - Anne Michaelsen Yahn, Allied ASID, Anne Michaelsen Design

All About Texture & Contrast

"Wood Combo - Using refined, nutmeg finished wood in combination with painted cabinetry. It feels closer to nature, softer, less formal.

Mixed Metals - Taking hand forged, weighty pieces for cabinetry hardware but finishing them in a modern finish, like polished nickel.

Brass - Antique Brass finishes in lighting. It is still here and looks smashing against wood and painted surfaces.

Contrast in paint colors - Either light and airy, or saturated and intense. Accent walls are acceptable, but I have been designing entire rooms with this philosophy. Let's say the walls are all Benjamin Moore’s Temptation (almost black) all linen colored upholstery and a colorful rug." - Renae Keller, ASID, Renae Keller Interior Design

Using 3D Design

"We saw augmented reality furniture apps like IKEA Place and Wayfair take off in 2018, and I see that translating into ubiquitous 3D design in 2019. New tools for 3D design, (I use an app called Canvas) let you scan rooms in 3D, and are becoming more sophisticated and easy to use for both designers and DIY'ers. I've seen an increased volume of clients reaching out to me specifically requesting 3D visuals. Rather than being the exception for high-end or commercial projects, I see it quickly becoming core to the design process for everyone." - Myra Epp, Tetrachrome Design

Eclectic Mix and Match

"A design trend we are seeing designers embracing is the ability to mix and match constructions as well as collections within the home design. Eclectic design creates a personalized design.

Another growing trend in interiors is capitalizing on the durability factors of furnishings available now for indoor or outdoor use. The durability and design sense of performance fabrics as well as all weather wicker and synthetic lumber components, like our Polisoul collection, in interior furnishings, allow homeowners with families or pets to entertain and Live on their furnishings without maintenance fears." - Ashley Newton, Watermark Living

Comforting & Relaxed Designs

"Instead of the boxy minimal furniture with clean, straight lines, we will see furniture with more curves and organic shapes. Since we are moving towards comfort and relaxation in the new year, you'll see sofas with curvy lines whether it's the backing, arms, or legs that are soft and inviting. Top that off with velvet or chenille fabric for extra coziness and warmth. Check out the Pied-A-Terre Sofa by Anthropologie with gently sloped camelback and archly rolled arms.

Metallics continue to be trendy, especially mixing different finishes such as gold, nickel, or bronze. Metallics are everywhere from furniture to lighting to accessories. We see it today on sofa legs, dining chair frames, coffee tables, chandeliers, accessories, and much more. It's become popular to mix different metal finishes in a kitchen for example. You'll see a kitchen faucet in chrome for example mixed with bronze cabinet hardware and lighting fixtures with brass elements. Stick to no more than 2-3 different metal finishes for a beautiful, luxurious look and feel." - Alice Chiu, Miss Alice Designs

Wallpapers Making a Comeback

"A few of the most significant home decor trends for the upcoming year include:
Bold kitchens - Patterned backsplashes, cabinets painted in deep blues, greens and black, and concrete accents will define modern kitchen design.

Unique wallpaper - Wallpaper has been making a comeback in recent years: we'll see eye-catching patterns (such as agate, bold florals, and geometric shapes) and almost counterintuitive placements (like on the ceiling) in homes this year.

Comfort before anything - The home of 2019 celebrates both comfort and luxury: velvet finishes, rounded furniture, and soft carpets are perfect touches." - Sophie Kaemmerle, Neighbor Who

Pet-Friendly & More

"Cabinets in natural wood tones - These with a simple wax/flat finish are in high demand.

Wallpaper as a statement/art piece - Wallpaper has come a long way from the '70s, and people aren't scared of it anymore.

Anything pet-friendly designed into new spaces - We have now designed our 2nd "puppy room" that is all theirs equipped with a bed, plenty of space to move, bathing area, and a door connected to the outdoors for easy in and out." - Ryan Hemingson, R House Design

What's "Out" for 2019

Brass Finish

“Brass finish has been a big trend in the past, and almost overused. The unlacquered Brass fixtures, accents, and detail have been seen everywhere. Brush chrome, polished nickel, darkened metal, and matte black are all alternative finishes to the Brass look.” - Adam Meshberg, Meshberg Group

Using Safe Color Pallets

“Instead of using white gloss trim, white walls and safe color pallets, we’re now using colors to liven up the traditional pallet. From trim to accent walls, colors are coming back into the design sphere, whether muted and subtle or bright and bold. In 2019, we’ll most probably see Living Coral, Pantone’s 2019 color of the year.” - Adam Meshberg, Meshberg Group

Mid-Century Modern Furniture and Reproductions

“It’s become too much of a good thing. I see discerning clients returning to clean, contemporary, classic design, with perhaps a Mid-Century piece here and there. Art Deco pieces are also seeing a resurgence.” - Juliet Gold, Juliet Gold Design Founder


“We have seen chevron everywhere, bathrooms, backsplashes, flooring, Starbucks. At this point, it’s overused, and we prefer the timelessness of straight lines or using subway tiles in other cool and interesting patterns.” - Highlyann Krasnow, The Design High

Acrylic Furniture

“We are also over the use of acrylic, and it’s just not a material we feel elevates a space, it can look dated and tacky.” - Highlyann Krasnow, The Design High

So there you have it, the experts have shared their take on upcoming home design trends of 2019. Which ones are your favorites or you’re glad that is coming back? Share your thoughts in the comments.