Nothing makes a home plain and boring than bare windows, which is why the right drapery is important. Curtains do not only add to the aesthetic of the room, but they also provide the room with shade from sunlight, privacy from onlookers, and warmth from drafts. However, you can’t just install curtains and drapery hardware for no meaningful reason. There is an art to it that you should follow if you don’t want your windows to gain unwanted attention from your guests.

Before installing your curtain rods, thorough planning must be done. Particularly, it is important to get the exact measurements of your windows so you will know how long and how high your curtain rods should go.

When planning for this, you should also consider how high or low your rods should be mounted in relation to your windows. One technique that decorators love doing is to mount the rod about four to six inches above your window frame to create the illusion of a taller window. On the other hand, a track mounted on the ceiling gives off the impression of a longer window.

Curtains can go floor length or pooling-on-the-floor length. Either way, it’s really all up to your preference and whether or not you can afford to maintain your curtains very often. Meanwhile, curtains that are too short can seem off and tacky, so you may want to skip that style.

If you are not so adept with numbers and are unsure about measuring windows, below is a useful infographic that you can study. You can also hire a professional window-dressing agency to help you decide on the right window hardware and drapery for your home.

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