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How to hang window treatments

Tailored Panels
Simply slide the rod or pole through the rod pocket and adjust the fabric so that it falls in even folds.
1. Hanging stationary window treatments: If you are using a decorative rod or pole for your stationary window treatments, you may use a variety of different methods to hang your new window treatments. The simplest method is to simply slide the pole through the rod pocket of the curtain. It is sometimes helpful to place a small plastic bag over the end of the rod, so that it does not snag the fabric. Adjust the rod, so that the rod and window treatments are the appropriate width. Slide the rod onto the brackets, and adjust the fabric so that it falls in even folds. Secure the sides with tiebacks, if desired.

If you are using decorative rings, put the rings on the rod and adjust the rod to the appropriate width. Slide the rod onto the brackets. Clip the rings to the window treatments, making sure to evenly space the fabric. Once all the rings are used, adjust the spacing so that the fabric falls in even folds. Secure the sides with tiebacks, if desired.

Tailored Panels with Tiebacks
Tiebacks can be used to hold open tailored panels in stationary window treatments.

2. Hanging moveable window treatments: The most common hardware used for moveable window treatments is a traverse rod, which features plastic grommets attached to cords and pulleys. Traverse rods are generally used with pinch-pleated draperies, but can also be used with other types of window treatments. You will need hooks to attach the fabric to the plastic grommets.

Slide the pointed end of the hook up through the back of the fabric. Be careful to keep the hook inside the fabric, so it does not show in the front. Use one hook for each pleat, or equally space the hooks across the fabric. Make sure that the hooks are all at the same distance from the top of the fabric generally, the hooks should be placed low enough so that the fabric completely covers the traverse rod.

Tailored Panels with Balloon Valance
Balloon valances are a popular choice in top treatments and can be puffed up by using crumpled tissue paper.

Once all of the hooks are in place, you are ready to hang the draperies. Use the cords of the traverse rod to place the rod in the closed position, so that the plastic grommets are evenly spaced across the window. Start from one end and hook the draperies onto the rod. The first and second hooks on each side should be attached to the fixed end of the traverse rod. Once all of the hooks are attached, you may remove any unused plastic grommets. Use the cords to open and close your window treatments.

Tailored Panels with Ascots
You can create an elegant look by layering several ascot valances over tailored panels.
Tailored Panel with Scarf Valance
For a more casual look, you can add a scarf valance over your draperies or curtains.

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